Am i capable of love

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Can you love? I will be indifferent.

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You are riding a horse in the middle of a desert, you and your horse are tired and thirsty, suddenly you see water, what would you do first? I really don't know, since I would act the way I feel at that moment. Forget about it for a while, then with the first opportunity will discuss it. You had a fight with your partner, and were not calling each other for some time. What would you do? Related Topics.

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Am i capable of love quite startling when you are asked such a question. The greatest love stories have been shown on screen, from the beautiful love stories of Beauty and the Beast The prince who was transformed into a beast and later falls in Questions: 10 Attempts: Last updated: Jan 18, The colleague who checks on you every minute.

The colleague who sticks out his or her neck for you when you are in trouble. The colleague who smirks at you behind your boss as you are served a query. The colleague who asks you out. There is nothing scarier than living all alone till your human life comes to an end. Do you ever wonder if you will get to find your love? Take up the quiz below and know the chances of that happening. All the best, as you Questions: 9 Attempts: Last updated: Oct 7, Yes, but we broke up.

Yes, and we are in love. No, because people suck. No, because I never asked anyone or vice versa. Featured Quizzes.

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Am i capable of love

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