Bangkok clothes prices

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Travel with your own private Thai tour guide and enjoy a customized sightseeing tour suited to your personal tastes. Many visitors may not know that in addition to being the home of so many cultural sites Bangkok is also a shopping paradise for buyers from around Asia, and the world. While the floating markets of the city interest souvenir hunters, and the weekend or flower markets tend to draw shoppers with specific tastes, there are some places in Bangkok that appeal to buyers who are looking for the largest selection Bangkok clothes prices clothing items at the most inexpensive prices.

There is no hidden fee or proof of membership necessary to shop at this wholesale mall, the general public can just walk right in and buy one or one thousand items. While the mall building may look upscale on the outside, the Platinum Fashion Mall is actually more akin to taking a trip to a large outdoor weekend market like Chatuchakwith the added luxury of escalators and air conditioning.

The indoor mall has more than 1, shops on 6 levels that are named after world famous shopping districts, like Oxford, Ginza, Soho, Nathan, Camden, and Orchard. Platinum Fashion Mall is well known as the best place in Bangkok to buy quality clothes at extremely low prices.

Because of its popularity with local and visiting shoppers the mall can be crowded any time, day or night. Nice Variety and with in range prices sums up for Platinum Fashion Mall. Its definitely worth visiting if you have shopping in your mind in Bangkok. If you plan to visit Platinum Fashion Mall, you should allow yourself a few hours to just walk through the entire mall. Because it is such a large mall, many shoppers enjoy simply Bangkok clothes prices through the aisles of shops, exploring the bargains.

Some of the shops will allow you to try on clothing items in order to check sizing, but not all shops have enough space to accommodate proper changing rooms. This is the whole sale price shopping mall. So the more you buy, the cheaper price they can give you. Level 4 is a must for guys. Inside the small shops at Platinum Fashion Mall you will notice some price tags that have two prices on them.

One price is the wholesale price, which the shop will give you if you purchase three or more items. The higher price is the price you will pay if you plan to only purchase one or two items. Many local Thais buy wholesale clothing items at Platinum Bangkok clothes prices Mall in order to sell them in shops outside the capital or online.

These buyers can be seen walking around the mall while dragging a large plastic shopping sack atop a little pushcart. If you plan to go on a shopping spree while at Platinum Fashion Mall it may be a good idea for you to purchase one or more of these large plastic shopping sacks and make use of a pushcart to save yourself from having to carry several smaller bags. Bangkok clothes prices in mind that Platinum Fashion Mall is a wholesale mall, so the more you buy from a shop the cheaper the price per item becomes. Some shops will even allow you to mix different types of clothing items to take advantage of wholesale pricing.

You will get everything fashionable under one roof at a very reasonable price. Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok is a great choice for those visitors who want to do some serious shopping during their holiday. It is easy to spend half a day walking around to all of the different shops in the mall, so wear comfortable shoes, be ready to look for bargains and, most of all, have a great time.

Platinum Fashion Mall is open every day of the week.

Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday from 8am until 8pm. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9am until 8pm. Saturday and Sunday afternoons are the Bangkok clothes prices and most crowded times at Platinum. The best time to visit is in the morning on a weekday, right after the mall opens. Platinum Fashion Mall offers everything related to clothing and fashion: Shoes — Shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Accessories — Belts, handbags, and other fashion accessories in many styles, colors and sizes.

Also, wigs, hats and cosmetics. Household items — Towels, bathroom accessories, Thai handicrafts, candles and more.

Bangkok clothes prices

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