Bath salts side effects stories

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In the summer ofa man was arrested in California for attacking an elderly woman with a shovel while claiming that he was an alien talking to Jesus. In latea group of four went on a bizarre, naked ram in eastern Missouri, barking, breaking into buildings and showering in soda water. All these stories have two things in common: seriously questionable behavior and bath salts. A lot of bath salts.

In addition, any product sold must, under the Trades Descriptions Actconform to its description. This approach has helped the authorities in Northern Ireland tackle the problem. Despite being banned in the US in and made illegal in the UK byboth countries are still struggling to halt the spread of bath salts and the deranged damage they can cause. So, what exactly are bath salts?

And, more to the point, what kind of berserk chemicals do they contain? Named for their visual similarity to actual bath salts, these dangerous drugs also go by PABS psychoactive bath salts and monkey dust, in the UK. The khat plant that Gannon refers to is grown commercially in the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa. Khat supporters claim that the plant is as harmless as coffee or tea, but many government agencies warn of its amphetamine-like properties. Subsequently, sale and consumption are illegal in most European and North American countries. But synthetic cathinones are different.

Week-to-week, the substances can contain completely different, and dangerous molecules — the kind that might lead to a fight with a garden gnome.

In many cases, the synthetic cathinones were specifically created to evade detection. In Julythe US Food and Drug Administration even warned about the risks of consuming synthetic drugs contaminated with rat poison. From bath salts to spice, hallucinogens to illegal highs, Fantegrossi and his team at Arkansas research the most unregulated drugs with a high potential for abuse.

But animal models are absolutely required to verify that these actions produce biological effects. These Bath salts side effects stories experiments usually involve assays in the brain neurons of rats and mice, followed by some intravenous methods to dissect the damage. And the drug-addled remains of a rat can only teach one so much. Moreover, the effects of drugs are often powerfully impacted by environmental variables like crowding, hot ambient temperatures, and even loud noises.

For most, bath salts are just an amusing source of outlandish stories. Stories of bizarre capers and zombified perpetrators. As bath salts are illegal in the US, UK and many other countries, any experiments with human subjects are nearly impossible to carry out.

Only through these methods can scientists better understand these drugs and come closer to producing new therapies and helping habitual users recover from their substance abuse. I Understand. January 7 Credit: Pixabay. Read time:. Chosen for you.

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Bath salts side effects stories

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