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Introduction: This is a continuation of a story about a family that submits to their black neighbor. Black owned sex stories you do not like stories about gay, interracial, incest, bestiality, or young sex, please move on. If you do like those topics, please enjoy. The next two days were very much alike. From what I could tell he came into money left to him by a family member while he was in college. He worked at a high school across town as a football coach part time. Not because he had to but because he liked to do things with his free time.

I would spend most of the morning working with Ty directly to get a foothold on everything he wanted me to oversee as his financial advisor.

We would also spend some time talking about my family. Around 11am I would suck him off while he ate lunch. He would blast his load all over my face and then leave for his coaching job. The rest the afternoon was spent organizing his files. After dinner Ty would call and order Laura over. She would return exhausted around midnight.

Wednesday was shaping up to be the same. He reminded me that he expected the whole family there at eight. I spent some time getting caught up on my own bills and paperwork for most of the evening. The whole family was in the entertainment room watching TV when the doorbell chimed. I left the family to continue watching the mindless reality show that the twins picked out.

I opened the front door and Ty walked in without my invitation. He was carrying a small duffle bag with him. She Black owned sex stories grabbed the remote and turned off the TV ignoring the complaint from Zoey.

Ty found a seat on one of the couches. I introduced Ty to the. Mel got a smile on her face that told me she was curious. First, your dad is going to work for me and he is going to be making good money again. Did James put you up to this? He was never very good at jokes.

I am quite serious Mel. Your parents have chosen to submit to me; recognizing me as a superior being. They are my property to do with as I wish. Slaves, strip.

So I quickly followed his order. You and your brother and sister will have a choice to serve me or not to. You on the other hand will have to make that choice tonight. Two, you go to boarding school. Or three, you refuse both and your father loses his Black owned sex stories with me and your house is foreclosed on and you lose everything. From the bag he produced a clear plastic device that remotely looked like a small penis with a large ring attached to it and a black plastic box that fit snugly in his hand.

He motioned for me to come to him, which I did. We need you flaccid. My body and especially my balls felt like they were on fire. My body tensed out of my control and I landed with a thump on the carpet. It took me a moment to start to regain control of my body. When I did, Ty motioned me to stand in front of him again.

It will prevent this bitch from playing with his worthless cock. You can also stay and watch if you want to. I could hear both of them leave the room. Your parents told me about the video of your…extra circular activities last year. Then I heard the undressing of my oldest daughter. My eldest daughter was voluptuous to say the least; most would call her a BBW. From what I saw now, she carried her weight very well; mostly in her hips and breasts.

Ty stood up and proceeded to undress himself leaving only his boxers. Mel had grown up, more than I realized. I pulled down his boxers to hear Mel let out a small gasp. I quickly lubed up his dick as I bobbed up and down on it. He pulled Mel closer to him in an embrace. Ty sat on the couch, almost laying down on it with his legs spread and propped out on the floor. He directed Mel to stand over his large black dick facing away from him. Guide my cock into her fuck hole.

Get real close so you can see what kind of a slut she really is. She pulled herself most all the way off him and tried again. It took her a dozen tried before she was able to take the full length of his dick. The smell of her cunt juices was strong but not unpleasant. The glistening of her personal lubricant on a large black dick was an erotic sight.

My cock was straining against the chastity device I now wore. The pain from my cages penis made me realize I was very turned on by watching my own flesh and blood ride a well endowed man I called Master. I looked back to see my wife in a chair naked, her legs spread wide. She was vigorously shoving three fingers into her own wet pussy. She must have been as turned on by the sight of our daughter being violated.

I sucked and licked his balls to the best of my ability. I think Ty quickly grew tired of my interrupted attempts Black owned sex stories please his balls. Ty wanted me to sexually please my own daughter. I had never thought Ty would make me perform such a taboo act. My head was spinning in panic. I thought of what he might do to me as punishment for not following his orders. I Black owned sex stories Mel to object as I slowly moved toward the chubby young pussy that was in front of me. I reached out and spread the fat pussy lips.

I took my first lick of my own flesh and blood. She tasted wonderful, a bit sweet with just a hint of tangy aftertaste. I fell in love with my daughter in that instant and started sucking her clit like I would never get another chance to eat pussy. If Ty could make me molest my own child there was no turning back. Mel let out a moan and grabbed my head forcing it her crotch more. She let out a moan and said something; it was difficult to make out over the sound of Ty thrusting into her sloppy hole. I flicked my tongue over her clit, occasionally slowing for long solid passing.

Soon Mel whimpered softly and started trembling all over. She fell back onto Ty and continued shaking for a moment. He pulled her legs up with her back fully on the couch and unceremoniously shoved his throbbing member back into the fifteen year old pussy. Mel let out a small scream from being violated so quickly after an orgasm with such a large dick. But soon she was moaning again begging him to fuck her. By how Ty was breathing I knew from the past few days of experiences that he was going to blow his load soon.

I knew that bellow, it was the one he makes every time he cums. I lapped up the spunk that was already flowing out of her before I started sucking on her pussy. I licked and sucked her used cunt, even plunging a couple fingers in her and licking them off before plunging them in Black owned sex stories to get at more of the seed deep in her. Was it because I wanted to please my Master? Or was it because I needed to taste my daughters slit again? Maybe a bit of all three, but deep down I knew it was mostly because I wanted to suck and lick her as much as I could before I woke up from what could only be a dream.

I think he likes going down on your daughter more than he does you. Ty dug into his duffle bag again once I had finished cleaning him and Mel with my mouth. He pulled out three black leather collars and a couple of keys. He handed a collar to each of us and a key to my wife and daughter. You will wear your collars Black owned sex stories all times Black owned sex stories to remind you that you belong to me. Ladies, if for some reason you want to reward the bitch or use his cock for some unknown reason those keys will open his chastity device.

But leave him in it at least till the weekend. Mel got up and walked out of the entertainment room, her big ass swaying. I mindlessly followed, my dick making the decision for me. Please rate this story:. Anonymous reader Report I enjoyed this, but hopefully the next part will give me that missing thing. I imagine that Ty has not only a big rock hard cock at least 10thick inches but also well defined muscles which he loves to flaunt.

Fattycd add some water sports. The thought of Ty pissin in my mouth and forcing me to swallow all of it is awesome.

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