Cancel a credit card or stop using it

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You may want to cancel your card to cut back on spending. Or you may have lost it or decided you're not getting enough value from it. So the first step is to pay off your credit card in full, including any interest or fees. Talk to your bank or credit provider. See if you can pay off and cancel the card immediately online, over the phone or at a branch.

Contact your bank or credit provider straight away. Or talk to a free financial counsellor. Taking action early stops a small money problem from getting bigger. Consider the pros and cons to make sure a credit card balance transfer is the right move for you. If you've transferred your balance before, doing this again may affect your credit score. If your card is in t names, both cardholders are responsible. Both must agree to pay off the credit card before cancelling it. If you're the primary cardholder, with someone else as a secondary cardholder, you are responsible for paying the card off before cancelling it.

If you have direct debits or regular payments, cancel them online or ask your credit provider to do it. Check your credit card to make sure those payments have stopped. Once your card has been cancelled, your credit card will be closed.

Your credit provider will send you confirmation and a final statement.

If you don't get this within a couple of weeks, follow up with them. If you have a credit balance when you close theit means the credit provider owes you money. Contact them and ask for a refund.

The easiest way is to have that balance transferred to another. The last thing to do is to destroy your credit card. Cut it up or shred it so it can't be used by anyone again. Credit cards Cancel a credit card How to cancel your card the right way reading time: 2 minutes. On this. There's more to cancelling a credit card than cutting it up.

Cancel a credit card or stop using it

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Cancel a credit card