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After Google Chrome, Yahoo is the second leading search engine used by worldwide internet users. It fulfils every purpose for which it has been introduced and developed, whether it is for mailing or for chatting. This is the reason for which millions of people started using it within a short period of time.

ly, when Yahoo internet services secure its position on the top-list, some of its remarkable services like Yahoo Chat rooms and Yahoo Messenger have gained popularity all around the world. These online chatting zones offer ultimate fun to its users with various chat options. It was 7 th of January, when this Yahoo!

Chat room facility was launched for the first time. At Chat rooms on yahoo messenger time, it used to be the first public chat room service that has become so prominent. Later on, the Yahoo developer itself has announced the launching of the Yahoo!

r, its first public version and this includes Yahoo! Chat as one of its exclusive features. Later on, inthe original client, i. r was renamed to Yahoo! Messenger and it offers similar instant messaging options. After a few years, in the yearon 14 th of December, the giant internet service provider Yahoo has decided to shut down the Yahoo! Chat room services completely. The news of this unfortunate happening of taking down Yahoo Chat room feature by Yahoo has disturbed a large of Yahoo users worldwide.

The reason that was being revealed by the owner for shutting down this chatting forum was that it might help them in putting forward those Yahoo products and services that are lacking behind. But according to many, the actual reason behind making this strict decision was the minimal of users of this particular Yahoo services and low traffic that it was getting due to the Chat rooms on yahoo messenger of other competitive apps for chatting with strangers.

Apart from this, it is an undeniable fact that Yahoo! Chat rooms had some serious problems due to which many users started opting it for other alternatives. Thus, emerges the discontinuation of the Yahoo Chat forums. Years after the shutting down of Yahoo Chat Roomsa brand new Yahoo Messenger was launched in the yearreplacing the old one.

It includes all the features of its version like sending images, texts, emoticons, important documents and more or less similar to other messaging apps. Over the years, enough changes have been custom-made in this Yahoo Messenger app. In the updated version of Yahoo Messengeryou get to see a lot of changes.

These change in features have been discussed in the section below:. This concept of un-sending the already sent messages or deleting them was first brought out by Yahoo. But recently, this feature is also being used by another popular chat service provider, Whatsapp. With this option, you can chat also. While some software that does not support this option of sending images, there are some of them which support but the procedure is too complicated to attempt.

Yahoo Messenger overcomes this limitation by permitting you to send more than images to your contacts. As the images are sent in lower resolution at the time of sending, the entire process is rapid in nature. You can easily access your Yahoo Messenger app by logging with your Yahoo Chat rooms on yahoo messenger id. As the access of this app is not restricted to your PCs, you can even download it on your Smartphone or Tab and use it conveniently.

This is one of the most Chat rooms on yahoo messenger features introduced by Yahoo on its Messenger ap p. ly, due to lack of internet connection it is often found that users fail to send images and files via this app.

But with this offline feature, now the users can even send files or photos while they are offline and once the server gets internet connectionit automatically sends to the contacts. Now, Yahoo allows its users the opportunity of chatting via Yahoo Messenger even without downloading and installing the application.

With the option of Group Chats in Yahoo Messengernow you can get connected with a group of people at the same moment, without talking to them individually. This not only saves time but also proves helpful in maintaining your work life without hampering your social presence.

In addition to this, you also avail options like video chatting, voic, VoIP, chatting with Facebook friends, Yahoo! On 17 th of July,at last, Yahoo Messenger was completely shut down. Though an initiative was Chat rooms on yahoo messenger to replace this messenger service with a new one named Yahoo Togetherthe mission failed drastically leading to shut down of it on 4 th April, This crucial action has been taken based on certain unavoidable factors such as reduced of users, huge loss of revenue, emergence of other competitive services, etc.

So right now, there are a few chatting apps and portals like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skypeetc that can be used as an alternative to Yahoo Chat rooms for serving your purpose. Also Visit: Windows 8 Product Key. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. Table of Contents.

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Chat rooms on yahoo messenger

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