Color code alcohol testing

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Drug testing is among the graduated sanctions available at the Community Corrections Center in that participant behavior can be met with increased or decreased testing frequency based on drug testing. Random drug testing is the primary method of monitoring coerced abstinence.

Upon asment to an intermediate sanction level, participants are ased a drug testing color. Participants are required to call a toll free daily in order to determine what color will be tested that day. Specimen collection is observed by staff. Testing is conducted on-site. On-site testing ensures immediate ability for intermediate sanction level III, IV participants. Urine specimens are screened for illicit drugs via enzymatic immunoassay technique.

Federal cut-off levels promulgated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reduce false positives. Typically Color code alcohol testing are screened for four drugs of abuse, which may be altered based on demand. Breath alcohol testing is conducted via portable Breathalyzer.

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Color code alcohol testing

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