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Misinformation isn't going away just because it's a new year. Support trusted, factual information with a tax deductible contribution to PolitiFact. Stand up for the facts! More Info. I would like to contribute. One Time Monthly Yearly. Vicky Hartzler stated on March 14, in a press release:.

Bloggers stated on November 04, in a Facebook post:. Randy Forbes stated on May 05, in a statement. Failure to raise the debt limit does not force a U. Jeff Morales stated on October 29, in a press conference:. Tom Petri stated on November 17, in a news release :. On high-speed rail. Congressional Leadership Fund stated on August 17, in A campaign ad:. Says Joe Radinovich "was cited 30 times for not paying court fines.

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Says Texas retained the right to have a navy when it ed the United States. Mark Neumann stated on July 17, in a TV ad:. Says U. Senate opponent Eric Hovde "supported billions in stimulus for high-speed rail" and "billions more to bail out banks. Don Zimmerman stated on May 31, in a press release. Bill Nelson stated on November 08, in an Orlando rail conference. Randy Forbes stated on May 13, in a campaign flier:. Says Virginia Republican "Scott Taylor has been convicted in at least four different courts across the country, at times failing to even appear, and having a warrant issued for his arrest.

Rick Scott stated on December 02, in a press release:.

Kirk Cox stated on January 13, in a speech. Bloggers stated on August 09, in a blog post:. Jeff Fitzgerald stated on November 29, in a news release:. Lee Holloway stated on January 21, in a statement at a candidate forum:. Mike Pence stated on July 18, in a speech:. Susan Combs stated on November 15, in a statement:. On advancing state money for a Formula One race. Russ Feingold stated on June 05, in a speech at the state Democratic Party convention:. The facts behind Iowa Gov. Fact-checking sanctuary city, immigration claims By W. Politics in the prayers of the House chaplain that Paul Ryan ousted, then reinstated?

Dan Patrick touts fact check of study tied to Texas bathroom bill By W. Speed-reading the health care reform bill? Mailbag: "Are you kidding me? The Earth has rapidly warmed over the past century. Can politics slow it? Who is Joe Sestak?

Cosa vuol dire speed dating

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