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Post Ad Log In. Price Set. Top Sites freecycle. Clear Apply. Create Alert. Brother MFC printer purchased Need to do some scanning, but little or no printing? Scanner works fine. Print quality is fine, but the printer misfeeds paper about every 10th. Must remove tray, straighten paper, open toner door, and close door.

Best use is for a scanning project. The LED display is fading, as well. Updated drivers available at support. A collection of corkscrews. Plyloxs for Boarding Up Windows. Works best with brick or concrete lined windows. See picture.

See photos. Need Clothing Dresser. I need a dresser, doesn't need a place to hang clothes, just drawers. Not picky on condition as long as it's not crawling with termites or super water damaged. Drawers roll in and out, and I'm good! Ill be able to pickup, just need help loading it. If that's an issue lmk and I'll try to find someone.

Many thanks in advance!

Location: Sunset Lane A neighbor has placed roide a nice coffee table and office chair. Come and get it.

No questions will be answered. I will update when it is gone. Graco Pak n Play - works fine. Just a pak n play we no longer need. I'm not setting it up for a picture but if you know one, you know em all. Please pickup but I could meet if you're in the neighborhood. Twin air mattress - built in pump.

Coleman brand twin air mattress with a built in pump. We have patched it once but it still has very slow leak. Should be fixable with patch, but we don't have the space for storing it. It's a slow enough leak you can sleep pretty much all night, maybe one pump in 6.

Please pickup. Used to have a Brita, don't anymore. Stored these Craigslist crawfordville florida a few years. Random aquarium supplies. Used to have an aquarium and it burned down. Extra supplies free Craigslist crawfordville florida whoever can use them. Aquarium salt, accu-clear, and algae control. There's also a hose that went to a pump but the pump was discarded. Wanted: Silk Trees. Looking for older tall silk trees for use at the nonprofit. Can use three trees. Lid for 30 oz. YETI Tumbler. This if for a YETI 30 oz.

Natural Gas Grill. This is a high-quality enamel and stainless steel natural gas grill. It needs new grate, warming racks, drip pan and drip cup. It will not work with LP gas. You can pick it up at Myers Park Drive before trash pickup tomorrow afternoon July 8.

Haven't used this in a few years but most likely it still works. I had these about 30 lbs stored in garbage bags in a trash can with lid under a shed for years but recently found that they've gotten a little bit wet because someone put them half-exposed not under the roof.

I really don't know every kind of cable that's in the bags but they just need to be dried and they will work fine. I'm gonna go through the stuff after this storm passes and let them d These came out when USA switched from anolog to digital broadcast als in You only need one if you still have an old-style tube TV Usable as is but need some repairs for long term. Wanted: Old iPod Touch. Looking Craigslist crawfordville florida an iPod Touch that works.

Probable scrap item.

Has not been turned on in 10 years. Free to anyone who wants it. Your Listing Here. Post Ad.

Craigslist crawfordville florida

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