Dating a friend of the family

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Hi guys I'm thinking about asking out a family friend shock! I'm M just turned 28, she's F about to turn We're part of a group of about 5 or 6 families that are close friends. We've known each other since we were kids but due to the age gap never particularly well, I'd be hanging out with the guys who are my age my best friendsshe'd be hanging out with her sister and the girls who are her age.

I once was with her for about 20 mins in a bar alone but think I was pretty terrible at chatting her up I was really short on confidence back thenI ended up sharing a cab with her to drop her at her parents and said something feeble like stay in touch.

Dating a friend of the family

I've always been kind of attracted to her, even when we were kids and I didn't know what it was I would make a point of talking to her and making sure she wasn't left out. Anyway we've both had other relationships, I recently found out she was seeing a guy for years but he cheated on her and they split a while back. I'm working living at home but am planning on going back to college to do a masters next year in a different city so I'll have my own place. Last christmas, especially around new years I got the impression she was really attracted to me, a friend confirmed he thought the same, but I was in the midst of a depression and was really stressed with work and just didn't have the confidence to pursue it.

I've recently turned a corner and have regained my Dating a friend of the family, am working out, handling work better and am much more social. I'm seeing her in a few weeks at this very Dating a friend of the family 21st birthday party of a mutual friend we'll both be looking our best, also there will be hardly any guys thereand then I'll probably see her quite a bit over christmas again christmas day, new years etc. The issue I've had with her is we only see each other at these family events her older sister is practically ed to her at the hip at these things but I'd love to spend some time with her one on one to see if there's anything there, if there wasn't I think I'd be mature enough for there not to be massive awkwardness and huge fallout.

My friends are bit apprehensive of it as they're concerned about if things go wrong, within this group no one's gone out with each other before.

Dating a friend of the family

She always Dating a friend of the family to things at my house with her parents when frankly she probably had better things to do, smiles when she sees me although she famously smiles at everythinglaughs at my bad jokes and makes lots of eye contact. She always seems a bit shy around me, but she's very social and has a huge group of friends.

I seem to have her stuck in my head recently, I try to live by this idea that you regret the things you don't do not the things you do and in 5 years don't want to be wondering what could have been. The thing is if it did work out it would basically be perfect; I get on really well with her parents, my parents love her, which is a reason I'm a bit apprehensive, there would be a lot of pressure to make it work I'd try to keep it a secret from my parents who would get way too excited.

I had this idea that if we go out as a group after the party likely I'd get my buddy to wingman her sister, then after chatting to her a bit, I'd tell her we should play a game, where we talk to each other as if we've never met before.

Then I'd just approach her as I would any other girl I thought was cute she's incredibly beautiful which is probably why she's stuck in my headsay "Hi I think you're really cute and wanted to say hi", then take it from there, hopefully get herthen call screw texting and arrange a date for when she's back at christmas.

Dating a friend of the family

Anyway thanks if you've read through all that, what do you guys think I should do? Is it worth taking the risk? Is my idea for approaching her good? I'd tell her we should play a game, where we talk to each other as if we've never met before. I think that's kind of weird but you should definitely try to talk to her alone at the afterparty and suggest hanging out, but make it clear it's as a date. Thanks for the reply, don't have too many people I can talk to about this as my close friends all pretty much know her and I don't realy like to talk about this with Dating a friend of the family.

I guess you're right that might be a bit weird, she isn't always the easiest person to talk to because of the aforementioned shyness. One thing I noticed is she always seems most attracted to me when she sees me talking confidently or passionately about something with other girls.

I guess the thing that's bugging me is the mystery of it all, I just want to know if there's something there or not. Asking out a family friend. Posted by 6 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Share your favorite tips, ask for advice, and encourage others about anything dating. Created Sep 27, Top posts november 13th Top posts of november, Top posts Back to Top.

Dating a friend of the family

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