Dating after bariatric surgery

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Single, professional, 42 y. Many of my patients have asked me when they should start dating after bariatric surgery.

A subset of those patients have asked how and when to tell others that they have undergone a weight loss procedure. The answer is highly personal and demands an in-depth discussion of the various approaches. In terms of when to start dating, most of our mental health professionals suggest waiting one year after weight loss Dating after bariatric surgery. Part of the reason has to do with changing body self-imagebut hormonal factors, self-confidence, and potential replacement of food addiction with illicit sexual activity can all factor into the timeline.

Those relationships can change and even end in the months following weight loss surgery. The three most common approaches to discussing bariatric surgery with potential suitors are as follows:. While having had bariatric surgery is certainly no cause for shame, some potential dates may find the recent weight loss as off-putting. The question is, do you want to attract the type of person who will be put off by your recent weight loss success or not?

Some may argue that, since obesity is a disease, it remains in our DNA, making those of us who struggle with our weight a poor choice for family planning.

That type of approach can lead to a very complex argument. Diabetes, by itself, is easier to hide, and far less stigmatized than obesity, in addition to many other factors that are beyond the scope of this article. In the current era of online and app-based dating, people seem to be going on a lot more first dates than in the days of old.

You order your skinny decaf Americano or caffeine-free tea and see if the person across the awkwardly high table from you is worth dinner and a movie. If the person across from you rears back his or her head like a T Rex, and scowls at you like Ebenezer Scrooge, ditch them. If that person expresses interest, or even ignorance, have a frank discussion and see if they are worth your time.

Bottom line, bariatric surgery is a highly personal and emotionally charged subject. Metz has performed thousands of bariatric surgeries and is well known in the area for his kind demeanor, technical proficiency, and compassionate bedside manner. articles by Dr. Matthew Metz!

Dating after bariatric surgery

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5 Tips for Dating after Weight Loss Surgery