Dating someone in a touring band

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Skip ! Story from Music. For the past few years, Musto has been locked into the rigorous, nomadic lifestyle of a full-time musician. The combination of a draining schedule and a competitive, demanding career means one thing: Musto — along with many other working musicians — have unusual dating lives that come with specific challenges and quirks. In A Star is Bornout October 5, we saw some of those specific quirks play out to the swelling sounds of a song the two musicians in love Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga created.

Did A Star is Born get it right? Our conversation includes Lzzy Halethe lead-singer and co-founder of the hard rock band Halestorm; Cecilya pop-soul singer based in Washington, D. On flings:. But I would swipe left on guys who put guitars on their picture. Guitar was my whole day and most of Dating someone in a touring band life. I was interested in talking to them about plastic or aerodynamics. The flings have an unspoken expiration date. It's not realistic right now to have some serious commitment.

On the perils of dating other musicians:. I felt unappreciated. It was impossible not to be jealous. I was always wondering if he had girls in lots of cities. You're living a house where you have every opportunity to compare yourself. I really envied his business acumen. He envied my talent.

Dating someone in a touring band

It got messy, at times. It got ugly. To make it work, two musicians have to be equally yoked in skill, communication, and motivation. On the joys of dating other musicians:. We stay up till 4 am and geek out over a record. From 8 am to 1 am everyday. Though things that that would qualify as competition have happened in my relationship. My band didn't get into a festival that we really wanted to play, and then he got in as a solo artist. I was a little sad. It was an ego hit. On dating fans:. Everybody who comes up to you is suspect to worshipping you.

The fans will never have a chance with me. Most people already get that idea before I even meet them. I definitely have a leg up in that situation. Usually every time it Dating someone in a touring band, someone catches my eye, and I approach them.

In the beginning, my career is cool and they want to be a part of it. They become clingy, protective, overbearing. Not really understanding the whole culture of being a professional performer. Jealousy has been the decline of so many relationships. On unwanted attention:.

Dating someone in a touring band

It was intimate and cool. How a demanding schedule impacts dating:. Whenever I chose what I love, then the relationship faltered.

Dating someone in a touring band

In the other case, I would choose the relationship and I would be miserable. We really clicked. Then, he started being kind of distant. You're going to be really big. You're going to be touring, you're going to be busy. I'm ready to settle down, get married, buy a house. He knew what he wanted and I knew what I wanted.

Dating someone in a touring band

Usually, I start talking to a guy and then, they see what my schedule is like. Weekends I'm busy, during the week I'm busy. At the end of the day, they don't want that. The majority of people want something set, something they are familiar with. On settling down, motherhood:. I don't even want to go into a clinic, I'm depressed about what they might tell me. I said I would focus on my career and be single. Then, two to three months later, I met Miguel.

I know a lot of musicians who were Dating someone in a touring band and growing, and then they either had a kid and lost momentum. Being an artist is an inherently selfish lifestyle — so much of what you do is focused on yourself. You are your own business. Once I have a kid, my perspective has to shift. I have so Dating someone in a touring band that I want to do. The boyfriend will be the one to go before the career. But I know that day will come. Either that person will come or that time will come around.

There is no jealousy between me and my partner because our history far outweighs any sexual tryst we may have. You really have to be with someone who understands that and doesn't feel threatened. On getting song inspiration from your partner:. Related Stories. Country singer Morgan Wallen gave his first interview since he was caught on video using an offensive racial slur in February. On the July 23 broadcast of. For quite some time now, rap icon Kanye West has been teasing his official comeback to music after a brief break, and the new era of Yeezy is finally upon.

TikTok phenom Tate McRae wants people to know that the writing in her. We want to shine the spotlight on women artists whose music inspires, excites. Tiara Thomas has always known what she wants. Please read with care. My lifelong experience in the music and entertainment in.

Dating someone in a touring band Dating someone in a touring band

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