Does god have faith in us

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It seems to me that there is an epidemic of superficial or false faith in America. Over the last few decades, polls have indicated that between 30 to 40 percent or more of Americans claim that they have been born again. If one third of our nation was truly born again, the moral condition in our land would be vastly different! We should be able to spot a Christian by his godly behavior and lifestyle. Genuine faith in good works James He is the source of light and life. InNathanael is the first one in this gospel who is said to believe in Jesus. Inthe disciples, who had already believed and followed Jesus, believed again when they saw His glory when He turned the water into wine.

He has given us examples of early faith in the disciples. I agree with John Piper, who explains desiringGod. What it says, in essence, is that Jesus knows what is in every heart, and so he can see when someone believes in a way that is not really believing.

Some belief is not saving belief.

Has He entrusted Himself to me? These verses teach us that…. So the story of Nicodemus helps us to understand these verses and vice versa. Chapter 6 reports a similar incident. These people get it! They had seen Him clear out the merchants and money-changers from the temple. Maybe some of them had been Does god have faith in us or knew those who had been healed. They were ready to on with Jesus. We keep the Law of Moses. We just observed Passover. We see an example of superficial faith in Acts 8.

A magician named Simon had built quite a following in Samaria, claiming to be someone great When he saw the miracles that God was working through Philip, Simon believed and was baptized. He continued on with Philip, being constantly amazed by the miracles that he saw Then, when Peter and John arrived and prayed for the people to receive the Holy Spirit, Simon was impressed. He offered money to the apostles so that he could obtain the same powers.

You have no part or portion in this matter, for your heart is not right before God. Therefore repent of this wickedness of yours, and pray the Lord that, if possible, the intention of your heart may be forgiven you. For I see that you are in the gall of bitterness and in the bondage of iniquity. These people were impressed with Jesus. While I believe that he later came to faith, at this point his view of Jesus was high, but not high enough.

They had a high view of Jesus as a good man, but not high enough. The same is true Does god have faith in us the Mormons. Superficial faith thinks highly of Jesus, but not highly enough. Believing on the basis of s miracles is better than not believing at all.

Simon the magician believed, but he had not repented of his pride and love of power over the people. He was not saved. In the parable of the sower, it is only the seed that endures and bears fruit that is genuinely saved. See, also, Matt. Faith that perseveres sees with growing clarity the glory of Christ and what He did for us on the cross so that it perseveres when trials or persecution hit. They may be scholars, but their knowledge has never changed their lives. Others have their hearts touched, but their minds have not been in operation. In fact, they have been told that they should not try to understand.

Often, they have not submitted their wills to Christ. Experience is everything. There is a third group where their Christianity is almost entirely a matter of the will. They just want to be doing things to serve God. Lloyd-Jones argues that all three types have superficial faith because they have only picked out what appeals to them and believed in that. Their faith is partial, based on what they like about Jesus.

Many of us believed in Jesus with a shallow or superficial faith. We trusted Him because we wanted healing or success or something other than salvation from sin. But to go on and develop into genuine saving faith, you have to see yourself as the Bible portrays you and see Christ for who He is.

Since this section serves to introduce the interview with Nicodemus, he is an example. He thought that he was a good Jew, but Jesus stunned him by telling him that he needed to be born again. His goodness was not good enough to get him into the kingdom of God. Note two things:. So when John tells us that Jesus knew all men and knew what was in man, it is a witness to His deity.

Does god have faith in us could peer beneath the surface and evaluate the thoughts and motives of hearts ;29;64 ; ; Luke There still lurks within us the bent to do evil. He thought that he was stronger than he was. We have to allow Him to reveal our hearts to us. Christianity is primarily a matter of your heart before God, not of rituals or keeping rules. As you walk openly before the Lord, letting His light shine into the dark places of your heart, you will grow in grace.

So, we need to be careful because there is such a thing as superficial faith that does not result in salvation. Tasker The Gospel According to St. So, what does it mean for Jesus to believe in you, or to entrust Himself to you? It has to do with a personal relationship. Trust is at the heart of all relationships. To entrust yourself to someone, you must trust him.

For Jesus to entrust Himself to you, He must trust you. But how can He do that in light of our propensity to sin? First, there has to be the new birth where He imparts new life to us through the Holy Spirit. Only then is there anything in us worth trusting. Jesus did not entrust Himself to these superficial believers because He did not see their faith as the work Does god have faith in us God stemming from the new birth.

Then, we need to walk in obedience to Him. Or do you not recognize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you—unless indeed you fail the test? Some people were touring a mint where coins are made. In the smelting area, there were caldrons of molten metal. The tour guide said that if a person dips his hand into water, someone could then pour the molten metal over his hand and he would not be injured or feel any pain. He asked a couple if they would like to prove the truthfulness of what he just said. The hot liquid rolled off harmlessly, just as the guide had said it would.

But your wife truly trusted. How to Obtain Help from Jesus Matthew Appendix 3: Walking The Romans Road. You are here Home » John.

May 19, It seems to me that there is an epidemic of superficial or false faith in America. These verses teach us that… We need to believe in Jesus in such a way that He believes in us. There is such a thing as superficial faith that does not result in salvation. Superficial faith in Christ is based on the spectacular or on what He can do to relieve your problems, not on Jesus as Savior and Lord. Superficial faith may have a high view of Jesus, but it is not high enough. Superficial faith may be the starting point of genuine faith, but the test is whether it perseveres and bears fruit. Saving faith begins with God by accepting His evaluation of our fallen hearts.

Note two things: A. Only God truly knows the human heart. We need to ask the Lord to reveal His evaluation of our hearts to us. Saving faith means having a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, trusting Him as the One who saves you from your sins. Application Questions Discuss: Since genuine faith must be tested, is it wise to try to give assurance of salvation to someone who has just believed? How Does god have faith in us you change your feelings on this? What helped your faith to mature and grow? Have you ever thought about Jesus trusting in you?

Why is trust at the heart of all relationships? Copyright, Steven J. Cole,All Rights Reserved.

Does god have faith in us

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Does God have faith in us?