Girl playing mind games

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Even though they usually refuse to admit it, the truth is that women play games. In fact, in most cases, they do it more often than men. In fact, most mind games women play on men are Girl playing mind games directed towards making you chase them even harder or making you commit.

This is a set of tactics many women use when they want you to try a little bit harder to make them yours. The hard to get mind games women play on men usually start even before you actually get in touch with a certain girl. You try to make prolonged eye contact and do your best to figure out whether she likes you or not based on her look.

However, this is much easier than it seems. In fact, Girl playing mind games girls will use this eye contact to play with you. Well, in this scenario, there is a possibility of the girl being shy. In fact, most women act like they have this timer installed in their brains. Well, that is exactly what this woman wants you to think. As a man, this probably makes no sense but it is actually very common female behavior. After all, if you like someone, you are more than happy to go out with them.

So, many girls will turn you down the first time you ask them out on a date just to see if you really want to see them. Pay attention to her answer. In that case, I hate to break it to you but she is probably Girl playing mind games interested and it would be better for you not to push things any further. On the other hand, if she proposes a rain-check or says that she would like to go out with you when she gets to know you better, you certainly have a chance with her. All female characters are chased by these strong men while they have second thoughts about their relationship.

This waiting game is another way of her testing you: will you walk away or will you wait for her to show up? Of course, when it comes to this type of waiting, the last thing you should do is push her limits. However, their power lies in their ability to be passive aggressive. This is a practice which helps them avoid direct confrontation. In fact, even when you straightforwardly ask her if everything is alright, she is unlikely to be honest and will probably lie that everything is in perfect order, which is far from the truth.

Yes, it would be a lot easier if she just told you what the matter was so you could discuss it in a mature manner and eventually find a solution to your problem. However, women want their men to be mind readers. Basically, she wants you to be aware of your mistakes on your own without her having to explain herself. However, this is not an authorization on her part. In fact, it is nothing but a test that many guys fail.

Another one of the games women play on men is called the silent treatment. You know, that female behavior when she ignores you or gives you one word responses to your questions? In both cases, your girl will act angry but will deny feeling like that.

Or you can just wait for her to come to her Girl playing mind games and be ready to talk to you like an adult. The choice is all yours! Well, listening to them and not asking for forgiveness is a Girl playing mind games mistake.

In fact, every girl expects you to apologize, despite what she Girl playing mind games. Well, this is where girls function almost the same as guys. So, there is no doubt about one thing: if a girl is into you, she will be jealous to a certain extent. How many times have you heard this empty phrase? This is a mind game women play to emotionally blackmail and manipulate you.

When a girl is trying to make a point or wants you to chase her more, she will withhold affection. Playing hot and cold games often result in men not knowing where they stand. One of the most common hot and cold games women play on men is the one where they leave you clueless about their real feelings. She will treat you like her Prince Charming. This girl will text you all the time, she will accept your date invites, she will call you to hang out, and she might even go as far as introducing you to her friends and family. Even though guys are often accused of sending mixed alsthe truth is that most girls are actually champions of this discipline.

In fact, one of the most common tactics women use to make you go crazy over them are these hidden messages you have a hard time decoding. Have you ever been in a situation where a girl is clearly jealous of other women in your life but she herself refuses to give you a chance? No woman wants to be in a relationship with a possessive or a controlling man.

However, the thing they will rarely ever admit is that they enjoy seeing you a little bit jealous. Therefore, girls will sometimes Girl playing mind games to make you jealous on purpose, just to get a reaction. A girl who is trying to make you jealous by bringing her relationships to the table will never do it directly.

In the first one, a girl will put her ex on a pedestal. She will constantly go on and on about how perfect her relationship with him was. If this is something you can relate to, let me tell you that she is probably overreacting. In fact, she is idealizing her past romance to set up a standard she expects you to achieve.

She wants you to subconsciously start Girl playing mind games with her ex. She wants you to buy her better things and to treat her Girl playing mind games even more care than he did. However, this is also a form of manipulation. A girl who is trying to make you jealous will do everything in her power to show you that you can be easily replaced.

However, a smart woman will never tell you this outright, since she knows it would be rude and inappropriate. She might even tell you that one of her exes is going out of his way to make up with her. All of this has a purpose: this girl wants you to become scared of losing her. Also, she wants to warn you to be wise enough to see her worth before you feel her absence. Reacting to her flirting in the right way is not easy. In modern dating, social media platforms are a huge part of every romantic relationship.

Therefore, it also gives your girl an amazing chance to make you jealous as well. She expects you to reach out to her and she wants to get back together but she refuses to make an actual first step towards a make up. When a girl mentions her other dates or brings other guys to the places she expects to see you, know Girl playing mind games she is doing it on purpose.

Playing the victim card is also one of the most common mind games girls play. In fact, they use numerous tactics guys have no clue about in order to make themselves look like the innocent ones in all situations. Sadly, in some cases, her crying is nothing but a form of manipulation.

Another mind game women play is guilt-tripping. Somehow, you always end up guilty for everything going down in your relationship. A girl who is into playing games will rarely take responsibility for her words or actions. If this keeps on happening in your relationship, let me tell you that this girl has got inside your head without you even knowing it.

However, that is not an excuse for her nasty behavior in the present. Why should you suffer the consequences of their actions? When you care about a girl, you have this urge to protect her and to keep her safe. This often includes helping her out. Nevertheless, when a girl is all about equality, pretending to be helpless and asking for your guidance through life is absolutely out of order.

However, this is exactly what most girls do. She wants you to feel like a big, macho man and tough guy near her.

A girl you like Girl playing mind games beg you to help her move, to give her a hand around the house, to change her flat tire, to take care of her car, and to become her own personal handyman. Most of the time, she is actually taking advantage of your kindness and is using you as a doormat. If you want to take a sneak peek into the male mind, our relationship expert Selma is here to guide you through the process. She explains the good and the bad side of male behaviour through the female perspective and gives women precious dating advice.

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Girl playing mind games

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