How to become sexy man

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I failed to communicate my message in the right words to the right people and the right amount of people and provide the right incentives. I greatly overestimated some sources and missed potential opportunities. Sucks, but it is what it is. I thank everyone who supported and helped with this campaign from the bottom of my heart, truly — I will never forget this.

Ok, before we all collectively start sobbing I want to make something clear — the book will happen. It might change slightly in format and might take a bit longer, but its purpose will remain true:. To create a single, practical, actionable, fact and evidence based resource for every man, who wants to become his sexiest self.

How to become sexy man

A book that anyone could pick up, follow through and get maximum in improving his perceived physical attractiveness. Spoiler alert: we managed to increase my perceived attractiveness on average from 6 to an 8 on a 1 to 10 scale. Grooming — another quick fix and in many ways just as impactful. This covers your sexy hairstyle, facial hair, manscapping, looking after your teeth, etc.

Posture — usually overlooked and underappreciated aspect, yet one of the most important. Posture is the quality that can make a less-than-sexy guy look like the most confident man in the room and vice versa. The fact that the How to become sexy man you stand, sit, use your body affects your mental processes heck, you can even get a short-term testosterone boost just by standing right!

True, we cannot fully control the color of our skin and some other aspects, but we can make the most out of it and we sure as hell should! Well, science keeps it simple:. In How to become sexy man studies featuring silhouettes of differently shaped male torsos, women showed a strong preference for a shape consistent with the ideal hunting physique: strong shoulders, suggesting good throwing ability, but not too much muscle mass, an excess of which negatively affects endurance.

Each male figure was How to become sexy man for its waist-to- chest ratio, waist-to-hip ratio, and body mass index. Waist-to-chest ratio was the principal determinant of attractiveness: Males with narrow waists and a broad chest and shoulders were rated as being more attractive. A more recent study spotlights a payoff for hours spent in the gym: Men with higher shoulder-to-hip ratios reported having sex at an earlier age and with more sexual partners.

Well, tackling on all those areas we discussed above would lead to being overwhelmed and crying in a corner, eating potato chips with ice cream and whiskey after a week or two. We would need to take on each piece one by one, build a healthy habit that improves our current situation then move on to the next part. We also need to consider that for some of those areas to start bringing it will take time — physique, skin, posture; other areas can be improved instantly or nearly instantly — grooming, style. Officially this journey starts Monday, December 1 stand will last for six months.

Would you like to guess, which topic will get the privilege of opening this experiment? Which topic requires a lot of time to bring maximumis extremely effective in making us attractive and makes it easier to reach and master other areas?

If you ever started a major, long-term project that pushed and challenged you, you are well aware how important is to have the right people in your corner. How many times you tried exercising alone and few months in, because no one was keeping you able, started skipping days and in another month or two stopped going altogether? Surrounding yourself with like-minded people, who are motivated and on the same path as you is by far the easiest way to reach any goal.

And so, I would like to invite you to me on this journey and become your sexiest selves too. Since the beginning of this community I wanted to offer something extra to the latter group, to help them speed up this process. First off, I will use this group as a way to document and track everything I learn, experiment with, I get, etc.

How to become sexy man

This way, if you choose to, you can me on this path and become your sexiest self too. My goal here is not to have as many How to become sexy man as possible, but instead keep the circle somewhat small, only for men who really want to be sexy. However, to keep it small, monthly fees will be increasing. First increase will happen after we hit 10 members. Until then, I invite you to share your thoughts, questions, suggestions in the comments below. Take some time and think about it — are you ready to start your path to actually become your sexiest self or will you sit this one out too?

I'm the guy you go to, when you decide that it's time to lose the nerdy clothes and become a sexy man. Next. View Larger Image. It might change slightly in format and might take a bit longer, but its purpose will remain true: To create a single, practical, actionable, fact and evidence based resource for every man, who wants to become his sexiest self. What actually makes a man attractive? So how would one go about getting to this magical place? Then We will dedicate 1 month for each area — physique, posture, skin, grooming and style.

Last month will be there to make those last adjustments. Then, one week to put those strategies into a plan. Got it? Second screenshot. Third screenshot. About the Author: Darius. On a mission to help smart men get sexy.

How to become sexy man

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How to become sexy man How to become sexy man

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