How to get off plenty of fish

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Are just conversations not doing it for you anymore? Was your POF endeavor limited to lockdown boredom?

Found a better dating site? There could be any of reasons for you wanting to delete your plenty of fish. Other times, you might need a stellar digital reputation for those college recruiters or first jobs. As a company specializing in reputation management, we can help you remove unflattering content from dating sites like Plenty of Fish. This article will detail the steps you need to follow to delete POF, as well as other options you might have.

Plenty of Fish, or POF, is an affordable dating app for single people. It allows you to message other single people and engage in multiple conversations. SincePlenty of Fish has been around as a simple, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly dating site. Inthe dating app with about million users on its database suffered a serious data breach. This required the users to update their apps once the patch was issued. Still, a lot of users simply chose to delete their s to secure their data.

Fortunately, like other dating sites, POF allows you to either permanently delete your or deactivate it. While deleting your is permanent, if you just wish to hide from the dating scene for a bit, you can temporarily deactivate. No one will find you unless you reactivate; however, your data will continue to be on the POF database. You will lose all your connections, conversations, and even photos. Your data would still be in How to get off plenty of fish POF server.

To permanently delete your and your personal information from the POF on a web browserfollow these simple steps:.

Once you delete your POFyour information will be removed from their database. This includes your profile information, preferences, any photos ed by you, all your connections, and all the conversations with connections.

It is possible that your general demographic or user behavior data might be retained, but it will be anonymized. The data will no longer be personally identifiable and will not be traced back to you.

To learn more about what information POF collects and retains upon deletion or how they protect the information, you can check out their Privacy Policy. If you use an iPhone and have the POF app, the above steps are still valid for deleting your. Unfortunately, the app version of POF does not have a delete option. Since POF does not handle third-party subscriptions, they cannot cancel it for you.

However, your subscription is managed by Google Play Store. So, you can follow these steps to cancel the subscription:. Do you just want to take a break from online dating? If there is any chance you would want to come back to your Plenty of Fish profile after a break, you can simply hide it instead of permanently deleting it. Some people put considerable effort into creating their dating profiles. Others might have some memories on these profiles that they might want to preserve. Either way, you can follow these simple steps to How to get off plenty of fish your POF profile:.

No one will be able to see your profile in the search or suggestions anymore.

Whenever you decide to come back and make your profile visible, you can follow the same steps to get back on the online dating market. Did you change your mind? Yeah, that happens. Sometimes people delete their s in the heat of the moment and then wish to get it back. This is because all your data stored on the database is now deleted, so recovery is not possible.

However, now that you have experienced online dating for some time, you can probably develop a better profile and start afresh or find your people again. If POF deleted your due to being marked spam or violating community How to get off plenty of fish, you can send an requesting reactivation. Written by Staff writer. Mar 23, PM. To permanently delete your and your personal information from the POF on a web browserfollow these simple steps: Go to pof. Confirm that you wish to delete your. Select Subscriptions.

Select your POF subscription from the list. Cancel the subscription. So, you can follow these steps to cancel the subscription: Go to Google Play Store on your phone. From the menu, select subscriptions. Find your POF subscription from the list. How to Hide your Plenty of Fish Profile?

Either way, you can follow these simple steps to hide your POF profile: Go to pof. Can You Reactivate a Deleted ? Do you want to improve how you look online? We are an online reputation management company focused on helping people grow personally and professionally.

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How to get off plenty of fish

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Fishing for Data: How to Delete Your POF