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He appreciates a fine meal, dresses sharp and insists on wearing slippers in the house. Being in an intercultural relationship can be quite an experience, so here are 6 things that are totally true when your husband is French! This is a humorous look at things in my life as an American married to a Frenchman and is no way indicative of every French or European man out there. Unless you like eating dinner late, you and your French husband will probably disagree over what time to eat dinner. I go to bed early and when we eat late, I feel Husband in france I go to bed with a full stomach.

So how do we decide what time to eat? Sometimes we do rock, paper, scissors and other times I try to get my way and lose. Compromise, friends, compromise. On any given night we probably eat dinner around 8 p. I lose a lot. Just the other night Tom was telling me about something about France, but I kept hearing the word friends and was so confused that I had to stop him and ask what his friends have to do with the rest of the story. Some other hilarious misunderstandings come from pronunciations of these words. Most of the time I know how things are done in France, but I just opt to do things the American way in my own home.

Husband in france cultural differences gets me out of trouble every time. At least that is what I tell my French husband. No meal is complete without the obligatory cheese course.

Amen for that. Just make sure you have a hunk of something creamy in the fridge and that should suffice. Who knew there were so many varieties? Maybe some French people snack but in general the French tend to stick to mealtimes. Even commercials and snack food packages tell the French to NOT snack which I personally think is off base since snacking can be healthy. Diane War-Werg-Varny-Vern. Sorry, how do you say that? In Husband in france U.

When a French guy puts a ring on it, it means you get a fancy new last name that will have your friends and family tongue tied!

Stay up to date with everything Oui In France! This is too cute, Diane! Of course you know that you will never win when it comes to dinner time! Chalk it up! My mother is French and refuses to change. Oh well, not the worst thing. Thanks again for being a loyal reader! Thank you for your lovely posts.

I enjoy reading about your life in France and your wonderful Tom. In an everyday, at home situation when you only serve one cheese as mentioned above and serve it simply, what do you eat with it? So happy you enjoy my posts, Claire.

Tom usually eats the cheese with toast or a baguette if we have one. Maybe your husband is an exception, but I find most wives in France do virtually all of the cooking, including, those much younger than me. If one person likes to cook and is happy to take it on, cool. Like my father in law always prepares and cuts the meat and is great at chopping vegetables. My mother in law loves to work over the stove and set the table and clean up after.

Tom and I share the cooking around here for the most part. Thank you for weighing in! Yes, have to really listen sometimes. So Husband in france with you. He is a chef. But somehow, i found it cute. It makes me smile every time, even now. This is so true. Oh, the last name thing. So even though my husband has a French last name, I do not. Now that we live in English Canada, he and our children who have my last name as a middle name Husband in france his as their last name are the ones who suffer.

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Husband in france

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