I lost my virginity during a hookup

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Girls look for a one night stand for many reasons. It was Orientation Week at my university. I was a virgin freshman, still too young to buy my own alcohol. I was pretty experienced in everything sexual except the actual penetrative act, and I just wanted to get the big first time out of the way. I wanted to be able to go to town and pick up boys and not have to worry about it hurting, or that talk. Everyone was dressed as pirates and he had a plastic pistol.

He leaned in for a kiss that left me wet and trembling. His clear experience and the prospect of what was about to happen left me mute. I nodded, checked around me to make sure no one saw us leaving, and we went upstairs to his room. My legs were shaking still, in no small part to my tipsy state, and I stumbled on the stairs. He helped me up, and we eventually made it to his room. I mentioned that we had something in common, because I love Scrubs, but he was definitely more interested in taking off my clothes.

We made out more. He slipped his hand into my jeans. I remembered that I was rocking a full bush, because I had not been expecting to be getting any action. We ended up naked on his bed. He put a condom on, and went for it. After, we showered together and then I got dressed and returned to the hop. Probably only 20 minutes or so had passed. Later, I found out that he tried to have sex with my floormate the same night. I have no idea I lost my virginity during a hookup he found out I was a virgin, whether he figured it out that night or later on.

As a sexual partner, he was what I needed. Writing all this out, I realise that it makes me seem like a slut.

I like sex. Sex is fun, and it feels good. You may unsubscribe at any time. I lost my virginity in a one-night stand.

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I lost my virginity during a hookup

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When You Lose Your Virginity To A One Night Stand