I want to feel special in my relationship

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Whether it's because you're in the wrong relationship or the right relationship that's been left unattended, sometimes people take love for granted. But there's no real romantic partnership without it — plus, not feeling loved in your relationship really hurts. Saying it out loud makes it real and can also lead to hurt feelings. Would you be OK if we talked about it more? Would you mind doing that with me tonight? Would you be down to do that more often? According to Prost, productive conversations actively omit criticism and instead focus on honesty, ability, and actionable ways to improve your relationship.

John Gottman.

These include receiving gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch. Think picking up flowers, choosing a thoughtful birthday gift, or sending a cute surprise in the mail. This means you tend to go weak in the knees whenever your partner swoops in to help, like when they put gas in your car when you least expect it.

And physical touch means, well, physical touch. Since love languages go both ways, consider how your partner expresses their feelings. So before you assume your love has faded forever, have that aforementioned chat about what you both want and expect.

Then make a point of doing these things for each other so that you both feel loved, appreciated, and reassured. Wyatt Fishera d psychologist, tells Bustle, not only to see how the love language thing is going but to feel more connected in general. Checking in can be organic, too.

If you make a point of having dinner together more often, for instance, these types of conversations will happen naturally. Use this couple-y time to talk about the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Getting past the honeymoon stage — aka the most exciting stage of a relationship — is another reason why you might feel less loved than usual. Relationship energy slows down as time goes on: You may not have sex as often or go on as many dates as things develop — and it can feel like a letdown.

But the cool thing is this change also offers a chance to figure out what the next stage of your relationship might look like. Enter: new traditions. You can always go back to going on more dates and having lots of sex. But you can also schedule movie nights, go on double dates with friends, take a class together — or whatever else sounds fun. The goal of these new traditions is to invest more time and energy into the relationship. To give more, look for ways to be the exact type of partner you want to be with. Once you start investing this type of energy into the relationship, it could inspire your S.

You may also be blocking the love your partner is giving without even realizing it, perhaps as a way to protect yourself from getting hurt again.

By digging into what happened in your past and getting a better understanding of it, it may help bring about a positive change in your relationship, says Duarte-Baker. While it can be intimidating to talk about private issues with a stranger, it really can make all the difference to have that unbiased outside perspective.

This might mean simply making more eye contact, possibly while sipping coffee together in the morning, or finding ways to be more touchy-feely throughout the day by hugging, kissing, or holding hands. Do these things with intention, instead of breezing past each other as you go about your day.

You could even think back to the early days of dating and try to bring that feeling back. Give it your best shot by trying the tips listed above: Improve your communication, try to have fun, go to couples therapy, and see if you feel closer and more connected. Wyatt Fisherd psychologist. Sarah Nazimrelationship coach. Monica Parikhrelationship expert.

This article was originally published on July 1, Updated: June 15, Originally Published: July 1, And Your Partner's Since love languages go both ways, consider how your partner expresses their feelings.

I want to feel special in my relationship

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