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Education : Minette holds undergraduate degrees in sociology and journalism from Drake University, and a Masters in organizational communication from the University of Northern Iowa. She requires every leader to read a book with a business focus, emphasis or application prior to and in preparation for every annual strategic planning exercise.

No one has yet told her they do not just love this idea. Books are education — providing us with knowledge and tools; entertainment — travel, great adventures, tears and terrors; and books dispense wisdom and arouse passions. Reading powers my own heartbeat — informing my work, my life, and my own spiritual journey. Minette shares books from two of her own lists of favorites. The first is the reading list she currently uses in her profession.

Johnson, and Michael B. Kouzes and Barry Z. Womack and Daniel T. Professional background : A lawyer by training, Chuck spent a decade in the appliance business, five years as President of Amana Refrigeration and until as Vice President — Administration of Maytag. Between appliance asments, he was the CEO of Breakthrough, an Iowa City start-up software and consulting company engaged in developing effective early literacy programs for school systems. They have three sons — Nate, Scott and Nick. Peters : I think this region draws people because of the easy access to a wide range of experiences and living situations, amidst an educated, friendly and hard working group of people.

It is an area which can be transformative, in many ways. Peters : The most surprising is that it is one of only a few in the world, in a less populated area. In what way did they influence you? I read this in when I was attempting a major organizational change at Amana Refrigeration. It introduced me to systems thinking and organizational development. A deeply thoughtful and dense review of modern thought and current traps in our thinking. The books that have most influenced my work are: Good to Great by Jim Collins. The research based touchstone for those interested in sustainable organizational development.

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? This is a very accessible introduction Iowa City sex hot live the ability for each individual to use their talents in joyful and creative ways, and how we have become stuck in industrial thinking, which is relatively recent in our history. Haque is Iowa City sex hot live entry point into the discussion on building a constructive, sustainable networked economy.

Iowa City sex hot live

He currently serves on the national board of Americans for Democratic Action, and is co-editor of The Prairie Progressive. What does reading mean to you? I can read! I brag to friends all over the world — probably to the point of irritation — about Iowa and its wonders, not the least of which is its UNESCO deation. Community: Ralph frequently speaks about issue of disability, neurodiversity, and adoption—you may have heard him as a guest on IPR programs such as The Exchange and Talk of Iowa.

He is known to visit Prairie Lights regularly. Family: Ralph is married and has a son, one of the first nonspeaking autistics ever to get into a highly selective college Oberlin. Only by being exposed to the beautiful and subversive words of literature can one discover, in the words of F. Many writers and artists find Iowa a haven for their artistry. What is it about Iowa that draws writers and other artists to Iowa City or the state? Iowa is so damn cold that all one can do in the winter is write! What are they and what compelled you to re-read them? Melville shows how ambiguity can be a tool of ethical investigation.

Family: Wife: Gretchen Rice. I would be remiss Iowa City sex hot live I left out the deer, turkeys, birds and raccoons who help support our backyard eco-system. After asking him to explain dozens of words, he finally handed me a dictionary and challenged me to complete the book on my own. Several weeks later, a new world had revealed itself to me. The Brooklyn Public Library became my second home. All subjects seemed to connect and every answer raised more questions.

To me, Literature became the Rosetta Stone to my understanding Iowa City sex hot live the empirical world. Over the years my personal library has grown to thousands of volumes. Each one is like an old friend who I can go to for advice, insight or just a good laugh. They challenge me to view the world from outside of myself. Each and every aspect of my life is influenced by literature.

For me, it is like breathing. What is it about Iowa that draws writers and other artists to the state? We have a community that celebrates writers. We should all go someplace where we are appreciated! What are your currently reading?

Would you tell us why you chose to re-read it and what you learned from doing that? I usually read several books at the same time. My professional career requires quite a bit of research so my recreational reading is a healthy respite from the more intensive reading I do at work. James is helping me wear out my dictionary. With four children I have lots of additional reading. It is a four volume collection of fabulous fairy tales. I have abandoned Huck but not Coney. I am revisiting the Commedia because I do not think I got it on the first two re. I finally came across a Biancolli translation with the Italian on the left.

It is slow going but fun. Many of my re-re are a result of having been an English Major Iowa City sex hot live college. We went through works so quickly it was like a taste.

Iowa City sex hot live

I am now at the point where I want to savour. I also am bringing more to it as a reader. Dante is much more meaningful to me at 57 than he was at 20! Since I read for both enjoyment and understanding, I rarely feel disappointed. In what way did they influence you or your work? This is a tough one.

I have been the beneficiary of a lot of distilled wisdom from the books I have read. The Oxford Book of English Verse has been a constant bedside companion of mine for the last thirty years. After many a day of disappointments I have turned to it for solace and inspiration. It is often the last read of my day. What I like best Iowa City sex hot live my ability to re-visit my past in the words.

Like a song that takes your mind to a different period in your life, some verses just take me home. I like that. I really like the Aeneid. I think what I learned best was you will make mistakes and be swept up by circumstances. There is nothing wrong with that.

Iowa City sex hot live

The important thing is to honor your commitments to yourself and others. In other words, Didos may come and go but Rome must be founded. I like to think I can still see elephants inside boa constrictors. Does that surprise you? Is there anything else about Iowa City that surprises you?

Iowa City sex hot live

Just that more people are not rushing here to experience a fulfilling life in this wonderful community. Quote: I just love books.

Iowa City sex hot live

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