Lady to the flowers go

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Lyrics submitted by Ice. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Log in. Lyrics Artists add. Lady Of The Flowers song meanings. Add Your Thoughts 43 Comments. General Comment A bit of input Chloe le Fay on September 25, Link. No Replies Log in to reply.

There was an error. Chloe le Fay. General Comment she's got vacuum cleaner eyes suck you in. General Comment Yes, its prob about a transvestite, but when I first started listening to this song this is what i thought: 'Scuse me, I apologize he likes your attitude, he tries it on for size he spends the afternoon, between your thighs how's that for gratitude, I apologize. The man who is with her, loves what she represents and 'wears her attitude' without any consideration for the actual person.

The time he spends 'between her thighs' is what he gives Lady to the flowers go in return. Its hollow and emotionless for her. It seemed to last for hours It seemed to last Lady to the flowers go days This lady of the flowers and her hypnotic gaze. Shes been in this cycle for what feels like years and very well maybe whether he's faithful or not isn't really the issue to me its more the feeling that while he may not truly want her, he can't seem to let her go. I think this section cements the earlier description of how 'lovely' she is.

She wears her tears on her blouse confused and racked with self-doubt she stole the keys to my house and then she locked herself out. This seems like the breaking point for her. She understands she isn't happy most likely the narrator broke her happy-life-bubble She angry that shes in this situation but doesn't know how to get out, she lashes out at the person trying to help her.

Lady to the flowers go

The narrator has 'fallin under her gaze' but she keeps him out. As the song continues so does this cycle wearing her down more and more, then finally though it might not be healthy She 'lays me down'. It ends with the feeling that though she broke the cycle she might just be starting a new one. I think the tragic thing is that its her own fault. She just has this aura that people can't resist and she traps them and herself into this haze. What breaks me is that the narrator knows this, hes Lady to the flowers go one telling this story after all.

He just sounds so reed about the situation. Again this isn't the 'true' meaning, but this song gets to me like crazy! General Comment I read an aricle where mr molko said the song was about a transvestite. I don't know if it's ture, or just his sense of humour.

Lady to the flowers go

Anyway it's a beautiful song. General Comment I thought this has to do with Opium? General Comment These refernces sound very domestic, ''Scuse me, I apologize she's got vacum cleaner eyes suck you in she's got magazines, filled with pear pies' Perhpas this song is about a lonely housewife whose husband does not respect her, 'he spends the afternoon, between your thighs how's that for gratitude' But likes her 'attitude' because she stays in all day reading cookery magazines and vaccuming.

Lady to the flowers go

The 'electronic haze' and 'seemed to last for hours, seemed to last for days' could either be referring to drudgery and monotony of her life, or could be a reference to some sort of anti-depressant drug. The repetition of 'I apologize' makes it sound as though somebody is telling her she could do more with her life, and trying not to offend her. This song could be an attack on stereottypes within society and how we should not allow ourselves to fall into them or judge other people in this way. Scandi on April 15, Link.

General Comment I think this song is about a transvestite. Also, it changes from 'he' to 'she', which is indicative that he's changing his gender. Laying it to rest, and never thinking of it again, and just accepting herself as female. General Comment Placebo songs Lady to the flowers go make me play a little film in my head. I don't know what the actual meaning is, but it makes me think of someone who was in love with someone who was addicted to drugs, and was really worried about her but never could help her.

She could have convinced him to try drugs once or twice "vacuum cleaner eyes, sucks you in" but he doesn't want to live his life that way and want her to come clean. The girl seems really insecure anyway "She wears the tears on her blouse, confused and racked with self-doubt" which is perhaps why she started doing drugs, and maybe she doesn't feel like she deserves to be loved. The guy feels guilty because he doesn't know how to help her and the girl is unable to help herself.

In any case, a very beautiful song. Enchants me. Myzo on November 22, Link. General Comment This song is definitely one of the most imaginative Placebo songs, I think it's the best. The song feels so dreamy and full of emotional lunacy. Pure beauty this Lady to the flowers go. General Comment makes me think of love, sex, and mixed up emotions. Artists - P. Lady Of The Flowers is found on the album Placebo. Personality Crisis The Hut Recordings. Rate These Lyrics. We do not have any tags for Lady Of The Flowers lyrics.

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Lady to the flowers go

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