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After only 5 months of virtual marriage, Lee jonghyun cnblue dating Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon left We Got Married suddenly, netizens are curious with the sudden leave because they were on the peak of their virtual marriage and closer than ever. Many are speculating the possibility of them having real attraction with each other hence they decided to leave the show.

When I read the article, I rolled my eyes and sighed. Can we please stop the delusional thoughts for once? Jong Hyun and Seung Yeon might seemed close and very lovey-dovey but WGM is a virtual marriage show for heaven sake, they are being paid to act like that with each other. Jong Hyun and Seung Yeon are both actors and understand very well how they must act in Lee jonghyun cnblue dating show, not to mention the writer and PD also guided them with the concept. He is indeed a charming and talented guy. Jongyeon couple is sweet and entertaining but I feel bored after several episodes, Jong Hyun obviously tried to reenact the cheesy lines from Song Jae Rimhowever it gets repetitive after a while.

They are still a beautiful couple though, their visual is daebak! I wish all the best for their future works. What do you think about this couple? Fake or real deal? View all posts by Writer. Their personalities were so different. He was being the Busan man that he is. This would have easily been rectified had they been given more time. Their tenure was too short. I was properly entertained throughout. To me this is just like watching a movie or a drama. Because that serves Lee jonghyun cnblue dating purpose of the show. They definitely had great chemistry.

What really is outisde the confines of the show, is irrelevant. I strongly agree with your opinion, this Lee jonghyun cnblue dating has a charisma that is different from the others, their gaze, their skinship, I do not feel Jonghyun want to copy jaerim. I just want to give opinion from neutral side. First of all is my first time watching We Got Married.

I watching them from episode 4th and after that I really falling love with they chemistry. For me I think they are relly sincere and honest with there feelling and acting. As I know both Jonghyun and Seungyeon are new in acting but all I can said you can feel they chemistry through their eyes and I am as newbie is this show can feel there feeling and chemistry. They romance make me always put big Lee jonghyun cnblue dating after watching it, I really feel there affection is mutual and real.

How he treat Seungyeon really melting every girl. And for Seungyeon she is so mature, she just 23 22 is her agebut she can give vibe a really downearth girl with warm heart. I think she match with jonghyun, and I belive they attract each other through the show.

I just give my opinion now because they show was over I will always support theam each other and I will happy if someday they will be a couple in real life. I hope many fans and knetizel will be more open about they idol dating. I totally agree with what you are saying. I sincerely hope that they can become a couple in real life. And hopefully they can reappear again in this show Keeping my ginger crossed that they will. May God blessed both of them. Very true, actually shipping for both of them.

As both are from same field they can support each other very well and understand each other truly. I hv a same feeling like you whenever I watch this gonglee couple in WGM. They make me hv a big smile and silly smile even I dun understand their language.

I am glad that I got to know that I could watch the English subtitle via gonglee global. I fall for this couple madly and keep repeating watch it. I do hope they will be together in future as I feel both of them really compatible and match each other. Both is so innocent and treat each other good. I can feel JH fall in love with SY during the show ….

Please bring them back. I really love them. It add more audiences to this type of show. I got so surprised by the few of episodes that it made me a little bit doubtfull. He seemed to be caring for Seungyeon before, however he seemed so fake from then on that it was even hard for me to watch. If I read your article you seemed take extremely on one side. However I getting to know WGM concept. It is the same with another variety show, yes it does scripted but do all of it?

If you watch RM or other variety, is it allll of it scripted? Their reactions? Do you think JH feel the same towards Yewon? I also look for reference of JH. I speculate it was during their lasts episode when they have vacation in Jeju.

Perhaps their management aware that their affection are crossed the line and feeling affectionate for real so they warn them to do so and to not act it out in the screen. Being in WGM means certain exposure in mainstream media for several months, a good way for public recognition.

So in the Brown-Eyed couple case, I think they do love each other not as a couple I guess but it is definitely love to care for each other. If I was Jonghyun, I would have said the very exact comments to Lee jonghyun cnblue dating yeon. That kind of people does exist you know me. As for their sudden retreat from WGM, no one actually knows the reason behind it.

But I guess that their schedule got busy. Seung Yeon probably got an exam, filming and other stuffs to attend to. Jong hyun probably got to go to tour and would not be in Korea for a long time. That is probably why the WGM staffs stopped their filming. Anyway, hope is the best thing that God ever created. Because I believe it to. I always hoped that all the casts before until now can Lee jonghyun cnblue dating something special. I guess someone got to show the example first to others.

But for me the girl was maybe really fell a bit to Jonghyun. The only couple that really looks real and not faking it was the YongHyun couple and the YYcouple. The both pairs are really just doing what they felt.

JH and SY are has great chemistry. Totally, disagree about JH copying JR. I watched the serie because of them. They should be back.

We can see their attraction in their eyes. They look such a cute couple together. Published by Writer. Pand Thanks for sharing your opinion! Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Lee jonghyun cnblue dating

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