Looking to spend my time with u

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We spend most of our daily lives with other people, being mother or father, sister or brother, friend or neighbor, wife or husband, employee or colleague. There are so many roles we have to play. The day is filled with different responsibilities and duties, and it is getting harder to find time for yourself. It is so easy to forget about yourself in daily rush. Enjoying life and being successful starts with having a good relationship with yourself. Spending time with yourself, noticing your best parts and weaknesses is a chance to see the light within and around, to move forward to what you really want.

Here are some reasons why you should remember yourself and sometimes say NO to others and YES to yourself. Being alone and doing something for yourself is a great way to stop the daily rush. No matter what it is—having a nice cup of coffee, having a long walk in woods, sitting on the bench in a park and looking Looking to spend my time with u the sun, fishing, cooking—whatever makes you feel happy and smile.

Looking to spend my time with u

Just take a pause of daily habits and give yourself the true gift of being alive. Your mind is always busy with duties, responsibilities and worries. You stress about being on time, what to cook for dinner, planning your next trip, or gives you need to buy. The list is endless. When you are alone and your thoughts are about how to make yourself happy or how to enjoy time and smile, worries and never-ending thoughts begin to disappear. And when you come back to those things you can really enjoy doing them. You can see new, unusual solutions, you can admit that sometimes things resolve themselves, Looking to spend my time with u the only thing you have to do is to let them be, to let them go and let Universe deal with it.

During your alone time, you can think about your dreams, set up new goals, see what you really want in your life and make a plan with clear steps to achieve them. Wearing different kinds of masks is like hiding your true being and not being honest to yourself and others. When you are alone, you can notice your true feelings—exhaustion, tiredness, stress, insecurity, happiness—whatever it is, it is good to know them to be able to change within. When your mind is calm, when there is no rush, you can hear your inner voice.

You have time to listen to yourself, to discover your dreams, to believe in yourself and focus on your beauty. When you are alone, it is easier to feel grateful. When you stop your daily rush and step out of the daily duties and never-ending needs, you can take some time and look at your life and see how many things you have. Appreciate your life and smile. Say thank you. Being grateful has a subtle energy and the more often you feel it, the more calmer you will be, and greater things will happen in your life.

Spending time in nature, receiving and enjoying the harmony, tranquility and oneness of it, you fill yourself with pure energies.

Looking to spend my time with u

It helps you to balance your feelings and it cleanses Looking to spend my time with u thoughts. Nature heals you. Giving yourself some alone time is the best way of loving yourself. Love within creates more love outside you and gives you what you want in the best way possible.

When you have spent time with yourself, filled yourself with energy, smiled, felt grateful, and nourished your soul with nature, your faith in yourself, in life, and in the universe will grow. You will have faith that you can achieve anything, faith in your own success. Anything and everything is possible.

To find time for alone, to think what to do and spend some time with yourself is a brave step. It is always a challenge to be who you are. But there is always a question at the end of the day—did you really enjoy your day? What you will do next weekend?

A lot of people resist getting better organized. In most cases, we need a lot of pushing at first, for example by making a reminder, but eventually we build up enough momentum that doing what needs doing becomes a habit — not an exception. And as you know, habits like that can be hard to break — which is one of the reasons why habits are so important in the first place.

Getting Looking to spend my time with u, though, can be a chore! The old saw about anything you do for 21 days becoming a habit has been pretty much discredited, but there is a kernel of truth there — anything you do long enough becomes an ingrained behavior, a habit. Some people pick up habits quickly, others over a longer time span, but eventually, the behaviors become automatic.

Building productive habits, then, is a matter of repeating a desired behavior over a long enough period of time that you start doing it without thinking. But how do you remember to do that? The trick to reminding yourself often enough for something to become a habitor just that one time that you need to do something, is to interrupt yourself in some way in a way that triggers the desired behavior. The best triggers are related in some way to the behavior you want to produce. But anything that catches your attention and reminds you to do something can be a trigger. An alarm clock or kitchen timer is a perfect example — when the bell rings, you know to wake up or take the quiche out of the oven.

Hopefully you remember which trigger goes with which behavior! These triggers all require a lot of forethought, though — you have to remember that you need to remember something in the first place. Computers and ubiquity of mobile Internet-connected devices make it possible to set up automatic triggers for just about anything.

Looking to spend my time with u

Desktop software like Outlook will pop up reminders on your desktop screen, and most online services go an extra step and send reminders via or SMS text message — just the thing to keep you on track. Sandyfor example, just does automatic reminders. Automated reminders can help you build habits — but it can also help you remember things that are too important to be trusted even to habit. Diabetics who need to take their insulin, HIV patients whose medication must be taken at an Looking to spend my time with u time in a precise order, phone calls that have to be made exactly on time, and other crucial events require triggers even when the habit is already in place.

My advice is to set reminders for just about everything — have them sent to your mobile phone in some way either through a built-in calendar or an online service that sends updates so you never have to think about it — and never have to worry about forgetting. Your weekly review is a good time to enter new reminders for the coming weeks or months. Featured photo credit: Unsplash via unsplash. Productivity Advertising. Ieva Salina Read full profile. Share Pin it Tweet Share. More by this author Ieva Salina.

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Looking to spend my time with u

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