Making love to a woman over 50

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Sex after 50 can get a bad rap, after all, menopause does change our bodies in less than pleasant ways hot flashes anyone?

But the good news is Juliana Morris. From keeping it steamy in the boudoir, to the truth about how age affects our libidos yes, you can still orgasm post-menopause! According to Dr. But now they understand their bodies. You can finally toss those calendars. So still cover your lover. You know the term use it or lose it?

You can literally apply it to sex after menopause. The more sex you have, the more moist you stay. Fine recommends Rosebuds Honor Balmwhich was specifically deed for menopausal women.

Not everyone has a ificant other. Look for products that are easy to grip and manuals that have large, easy-to-read font. They provide extra support to alleviate pain. Hall also stresses the importance of doing kegels to keep things tight and strengthen your pelvic muscles. Things hang lower than expected. But keep in mind that your partner probably has a few unwanted jiggles, too. Unless your partner is Madonna. Sex can be physically demanding; your old moves may be putting stress on your hips, knees, or back. Hall says to try positions that utilize larger muscle groups, like missionary, spooning, and doggie style.

The deeper you breathe, the more oxygen you get, which means more intense orgasms.

So switch it up, breath deep, and enjoy! Your Best Life. Type keyword s to search. Carol Yepes Getty Images. First of all, sex after 50 is good for you. Plus, you have more sexual freedom. And, you can be spontaneous.

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Making love to a woman over 50

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Sex for the overs - how you can still enjoy your love life after the menopause and 'manopause'