Men find attractive

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Apparently, what men are physically attracted to are features that make a woman look healthy and fertile. Remember me for 30 days. This device is not shared with anyone under the age of Your browser is not supported. We do our best to optimize our websites to the most current web browsers.

Please try another browser. Love and Sex. Low waist-to-hip ratios are attractive to men The widely accepted myth that men find low waist-to-hip ratios read: hour glass figure attractive because it als things like fertility and health — may finally be debunked.

A new study with findings from the journal Evolution and Human Behavior suggests that men are into this female figure because it's some reliable that the woman they're interested in is Men find attractive and sexually mature enough — and they're probably young and Men find attractive been pregnant. Interesting, right?

Also explains why these celebrities dated teenagers and no, it's not OK. The waist-to-hip ratio is a thing though For some reason, across cultures and around the world, the whole waist-to-hip ratio WHR thing aka hour glass figure seems to be consistently Men find attractive as attractive in women — and often the theory is that it indicates fertility.

But new research is suggesting it's not only heterosexual men that dig this WHR — homosexual men also note it as attractive — and it's less about fertility but more because this ideal WHR suggests a more optimal level of health — and potential for reproduction. The other finding was that a higher WHR may suggest that the woman may have already reproduced — and one of the experts pointed out that men may not want to invest resources in another man's children which is a terrible attitude to have, by the way.

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Men find attractive

Attractive female voices Communication Men find attractive key to any relationship — and there are certain vocal features in a person's voice that can make them more attractive. While women tend to dig deeper voices, men tend to prefer higher ones. The sexual attraction born from hearing a certain pitch is linked to the body size it als and "good" hormone balance. Related: July is the month when people have the most sex, survey finds. The higher pitch suggests biological traits Straight women often find themselves attracted to deeper voices in male partners as it may suggest higher testosterone levels and strength.

Men find attractive

The heterosexual man seems to prefer women with higher voices because it suggests youth — and they're subconsciously calculating all the sweet benefits they Men find attractive from getting with a youthful mate. A youthful mate with a metabolism that still operates at high speed and a sweet hormone balance. Related: 10 s you are suffering from imposter syndrome. Beautiful, shiny hair Men really do like shiny, healthy hair. Don't we all? Long, luscious locks will reel in male attention, according to German scientists who found that men equate healthy hair with a woman's overall health and fertility.

Men find attractive

See also: Celeb engagements that never made it to the altar. Long and luscious locks Whether it's a product of great genetics, good nutrition, your amazing hair stylist or that new leave-in conditioner, having healthy hair implies that you have a healthy body and have the potential for sweet reproduction. Having problems growing out your locks?

Men find attractive

Check out our top 10 tricks to make hair grow faster. Related: The most famous celebrity couples from to Smiling Smiling is another attractive physical feature that men like — as you probably know because they love telling women to smile and it's never appropriate. Studies show that women who smile more frequently are seen as more attractive to the other sex.

It's also been reported that a lot of men view smiling as "subservient, weak and vulnerable". So, feel free to decline if you're asked to smile — after all, it's sexist and never necessary. See also: Why masturbating regularly can improve female health. Bright and white teeth Not only smiling more, but Men find attractive whiter teeth was also proven to be a factor in physical attraction. Men find attractive be honest, good oral hygiene is attractive to everyone. You may also like: 21 sex myths everyone thinks are true. Less makeup The natural look is in.

According to researchmen preferred women who wore up to 40 per cent less makeup than the average woman, like these celebrities who still manage to stun without makeup. But, of course, if you feel better wearing whatever amount of makeup you like — don't modify your routine in attempts to attract some male statistic.

You are perfect exactly as you are. See also: 10 s you're heading for a burnout diagnosis. Natural beauty So forgo that heavy foundation, for a lighter, more natural look.

Men find attractive

Your skin will appreciate it, too. See also: 10 tips for coping with social anxiety. Most attractive colour on a woman is red According to researchthe colour red is said to enhance male attraction to women. Some cultures incorporate the colour in wedding rituals and some folks have been conditioned to connect the primary colour with romance — and Valentine's Day. It's a thing.

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Men find attractive

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