Never get hurt again

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Throughout time, there have been many things to which "never again" would be applicable. For this fairly common stock motivation, characters who have been abused, betrayed, mistreated, or otherwise persecuted in the past are acting to make sure that this sort of thing never happens Never get hurt again them again. This can encompass anything from taking a few levels in badass to ensure they'll be able to defend themselves against future threats, to attempting to Take Over the World and overthrowing the oppressive institutions that made them miserable, to refusing to Never get hurt again enough about anyone or anything to be hurt.

The characters may also wish to spare others from suffering like they didbut there needs to be at least some element of preemptive self-protection involved to fit the trope. It's a common motivation for the behavior of the Broken Bird. May lead to Had to Be Sharp. If the hurt is romantic in nature and new relationships are avoided for this reason, it's The First Cut Is the Deepest and Commitment Issues.

See also Hope Is Scarywhere recovering from despair is feared because it doesn't allow this, and We Are Not Going Through That Again for a usually more comedic take on the same sentiment. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. That was only the first time I ever put myself out there, and then you didn't even bother to show up! And then you left town without saying goodbye, even though we were supposed to be friends. I was humiliated!

I felt like I wasn't important! I never wanted to let myself be hurt like that again! Anime and Manga. In all adaptations of Astro BoyDr. Tenma's son is killed. In grief, Tenma builds a robotic replica of his son, Astro Boy, and because he has plenty of Mad Scientist in him, augments the android with ridiculous amounts of weaponry so that his new son can defend himself when threatened. In a more direct version of this trope, Astro constantly sees robots getting mistreated or destroyed, often himself included, and spends much of his time defending robots without harming humans.

In Berserkthe trope is invoked by those who become Apostles. Since a Behelit is sure to appear in the hands of its owner when they reach their Despair Event Horizonit is only natural that most willingly sacrifice their loved ones in order to become physically and emotionally invulnerable. Revy of Black Lagoon became what she is due to the horrible treatment she received at the hands of those in authority, from her drunken asshole of a father at home to the police on the streets.

Revy's obsession with power is a direct response to her feeling of powerlessness during those years as a kid, and she never wants to go back to that again. The backstory for Crest of the Stars has the Abh overthrowing their human creators and masters, then going on to conquer most of the known universe, while in the process of conquering the rest. This trope le to the tragic ending of Danganronpa 3 : Despair.

Chiaki's friend Hajime disappears off the face of the earth, much to her sorrow. Months later, the same Never get hurt again is about to happen to Chisaso Chiaki panics and makes some really crappy decisions in an Never get hurt again to save her. This is the reason Minatsuki acts the way she does in Deadman Wonderland. To keep anyone from abandoning her the way her mother did, she deliberately acts as crass and cruel as she can so that no one will ever get close to her. The manga tie-in for Devil May Cry 3 suggests that this is Dante's main motivation. After losing his mother to demons, he didn't get stronger to protect other people, it was so nothing like that could happen to him again.

Never get hurt again

After losing first his family and then his comrades to an evildoer, he decided that a person's own strength is all they can rely on in life. He then closed himself off emotionally and pushed himself to become the strongest mortal in existence, all so he would never be vulnerable like that again. When Goku's Ultra Instinct form begins to overpower him, he starts having traumatic flashbacks, and eventually fires at the audience to spite Goku's belief in The Power of Friendship.

This is the reason why Haruka of Kotoura-san would decide to be alone before the start Never get hurt again the story; several Despair Event Horizons on, she cynically thinks she would doom every living being that she cares aboutso she decided to be with nobody so that they would not be hurt—and by extension, herself being hurt by abandonment from someone she cares about again.

The downward spiral was Never get hurt again broken by Manabe. The central conflict of Neon Genesis Evangelion is essentially this, with every major character having some aspect of this as their motivation. Pretty much all of the characters' Angst is caused by characters being unable to connect with other people for fear of being hurt. Shinji and Asuka being in love with but too frightened of each other to try and have a relationship le to The End of the World as We Know Itwhich Shinji unleashes because he believes that no one loves him and everybody would hurt him.

One Piece : This is the reason behind Boa Hancock's behaviour. After she and her sisters were made slaves in their childhoodshe put on a strong, cruel image to prevent such a thing from ever happening again. It caused her surrogate mother figure to fear Hancock had really grown cold as ice, but fortunately, Luffy's actions proved that it wasn't the case. Charlotte Katakuri is a Slave to PR who has cultivated an image as Never get hurt again Paragon that he projects in public so he won't be ridiculed like he was as for his "pelican eel" mouth which he now conceals with a scarf — in reality, he is every bit as gluttonous and hedonistic as the rest of his family.

This is only amplified by the fact that the Charlotte Family is a Big, Screwed-Up Family that has no issue mocking and demeaning any physical deformities their siblings have as Pudding and her third-eye can attest to. He only manages to break out of this mindset during his fight with Luffy, who saw Katakuri's true self including his mouth and didn't give a damn about any of his flaws, only about Katakuri's amazing combat ability as an opponent.

One of the most tragic and disturbing examples in the series can be found in Gecko Moria, who lost his dearly loved crew Never get hurt again a fight with Kaido, with him as the sole survivor. He became so consumed by grief that he decided to make an army of corpse puppets, or zombies, powered with the shadows of others, believing it was better to have Nigh immortal zombie pawns he didn't have to care about rather than flesh and blood humans he could get attached to.

Then he loses one of the few living friends he still has Absalom to another Emperor, whose crew taunts him with the possibility he's still alive before revealing they killed him and took his Devil Fruit. However, when Oyaji makes a a comeback to his family years later, he actually tries to forsake violence as much as possible, making sure to let his wife and children know a man who shows real love instead of just trying to punch the problems away.

Despite this, Goh did make a friend in a boy named Horace during a family trip in Johto but believed he betrayed him when he broke his word to meet up with him again, which solidified his belief in not making human friends, minus Chloe, as he didn't want to get hurt or betrayed again. However, after meeting Ash, Goh slowly started to open up about making human friends again as he has come to realize that he needs to have more than just Chloe in his life.

Never get hurt again

In Time After Time! In Rebuild Worldthis is Akira's M. When he was younger, he was suckered into accepting offers Never get hurt again live beyond the wall and eat good food from Con Artists before being abandoned on the roide when his usefulness ended. This left him a ruthless paranoiac who only looks out for himself until he meets Alpha. Comic Books. Some portrayals of Poison Ivy in Batman - she got mutated when she fell for a guy Playing with Syringes - now she is obsessed with controlling men.

In the Cacophony storyline, this is Batman's justification for saving The Joker 's life at the end, in spite of Gordon's protests. He tells Joker that he became Batman so he could save people from dying, no matter what.

Some portrayals of Batman himself suggest that his tendency to remain emotionally distant is a defense against feeling the kind of pain he experienced watching his parents gunned down. He thinks everything in the universe is a threat to his life and he's terrified of dying again. In the ElfQuest : Siege at Blue Mountain arc, this seems to be Winnowill's motivation for wanting to take all of the pure-blooded elves somewhere they can never be hurt again.

For Never get hurt again of them, it doesn't end well.

Never get hurt again

Magnetowhen he's given sympathetic motivations. He's a Holocaust survivor who doesn't want Never get hurt again to face the kind of genocidal bigotry he endured in his youth. Though it does kind of go against him when he has no qualms about doing that to humans. Supergirl story arc Red Daughter of Krypton starts out when Supergirl, who feels she's been manipulated and betrayed by everyone since she showed up on Earth several months ago, promises herself that she'll not be hurt again, and if life tries to hit her again, she's hitting back.

Supergirl: Dad. They ALL let me down. They all broke my heart. And now THIS. No more. Nobody gets away with hurting me ever again. Not THIS time! A Boy, a Girl and a Dog: The Leithian Script : In this The Silmarillion fanfic, secondary character Maiwe did not want to give another chance to her formerly verbally abusive boyfriend, refusing to believe that Edrahil had changed during the war and was a different person now and having sworn that she would not be hurt again. Beren warned her that attitude may hurt her anyway.

In The BridgeAria Blaze muses that she wants to become stronger so that no one will ever be able to scare her again. Loved and Lost : After Twilight's friends, brother and mentor lose their social standing due to Prince Jeweliusher initial refusal to trust them stems from her wanting to avoid the heartache she felt after being rejected at the wedding Never get hurt again.

Later on, Jewelius urges her to give up on them altogether by arguing that she will only invite more heartache by letting them back in her life. In the Neon Genesis Evangelion fic A Crown of StarsAsuka has been hurt by virtually everyone she knew her parents, her step-mother, her guardians, the boy she liked As a result of it, she does not want to let herself fall in love because she does not want to be hurt again. Another character warns her that attitude will get her hurt anyway. Though he believes it's too late for himself he figures he can still save other magical children from suffering the same fate Never get hurt again the hands of muggles.

In WonderShockthis is Alice's primary goal. She wants to become stronger in the real world to ensure that she's never a victim of the likes of Bumby ever again. Films — Animated.

Never get hurt again

Meg from Hercules refuses to admit that she may have feelings for Hercules due to the fact that her boyfriend left her when she gave her soul to Hades to save his life. Meg: Sometimes, it's better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you. Films — Live-Action. In A Brother's Priceafter her abusive husband Keifer Porter died, Princess Trini does not want to marry again, as a new husband could be just the same. While he was bad for the whole family, he raped and tortured only Trini, and was more subtle with the others This causes problems because it prevents her sisters from marrying, too - all sisters marry one husband, due to male Gender Rarity Value in the setting.

She is also protective of people who are in danger of facing the same fate she did - when she is told that the Porters intend to make an offer for Jerinshe neglects her own safety to help. By agreeing to marry Jerin herself. This is what sparks Tiffany Aching's desire to become a witch in her Discworld books. Specifically, there was an incident in which an odd but otherwise harmless old woman was turned out of her home, mistreated by the locals, and eventually died out in the cold because they believed her to be a witch.

Tiffany's response was to want to become a real witch so Never get hurt again who ever wanted to pull a stunt like that again would have to go through her first. Although she says "never be hungry again", a good deal of Scarlett O'Hara's ruthless behavior Never get hurt again the second half of Gone with the Wind can be attributed to this, as it's repeatedly stated that she's genuinely terrified of returning to the days of cold and poverty. The main character of The Kingkiller Chronicle mentions this as one of several motivations for attending Wizarding School.

How truthful he was being is currently unknown—especially since the series isn't finished yet. Kees vaan Loo-Macklin creates a criminal empire and a legitimate business empire and manipulates too many beings to name both human and alien. He does this because he was abandoned as and grew up in a series of foster homes where he was mistreated because of his appearance and was determined never to be helpless and mistreated again. In This ImmortalDiane lets slip that she used to be a pleasure girl on Taler and it wasn't a pleasant experience, which caused her hatred of all Vegans and was her motivation to Radpol's Returnist movement.

Words of Radiance second book of The Stormlight Archive : Kaladin is terrified that if he lets any lighteyes know about his new Surgebinding powers, they will somehow take them away. He knows it's impossible, but that does not ease his worries in any way. This le to him breaking his vows and losing his powers. He recovers them after he realizes what he did wrong and swears a new Ideal.

Live-Action TV. On TheLexa's response to the torture and murder of the girl she loved was to stop Never get hurt again about anyone on an individual level and devote herself entirely to the well-being of her people as a whole. Lexa: I thought I'd never get over the pain, but I did.

Clarke: How?

Never get hurt again

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