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Looking for information about Kenya Entertainment? Here is a about all Entertainment and social centers in Nairobi City Kenya. Most of the hotels and lodges arrange entertainment in the evenings, which include traditional dances, folklore from various ethnic groups of Kenya, film shows and skits.

These are usually combined with the evening barbecue normally around a Nightlife and entertainment nairobi. Kenya entertainment - Discotheques. Almost all hotels have discos, which are of a varying quality. They are open the whole night and some of them are private, only for the hotel guests.

If you want more exposure you could visit the public night-clubs. Each kind of music is played here to the taste of the patrons. Live band performances are usually held, especially of resident bands and travelling celebrities. Shuttle buses pick up guests at certain times and bus stops if the disco is located outside the city or town centre. A small amount of entry fee in to the disco is payable.

Major Towns of Nairobi and Mombasa have several night-clubs, which have fairly good sound systems and lights and stay open till hrs. Most popular are those with open floor dance floors. Live band performances are uncommon in these, but can be Nightlife and entertainment nairobi especially inviting travelling celebrities. Due to crowds it is not advisable to carry valuables to the night-club, leave them in the hotel. Twilight girls may appear very persistent especially to foreigners, but if not interested, give them a polite send off. Consult the Daily Nation Newspaper for daily listings of the movies and times.

By far your best source of info on what's rocking on any given weekend is a local. The end of month weekend offers the best local action. Nightlife and entertainment nairobi clubs stage "cultural nites" which feature music ,traditional foods and drinks from some of Kenya's main ethinic communities An excellent opportunity to see Kenyans unplugged and hear the biggest local music acts.

The Daily Nation on the last friday of the month has an extensive listing. Don't forget to look into a few restaurants on the outskirts of Nairobi. It was opened eight years after The Barn A famous night club was closed. Today known as the CLUBarnit rests on the same concept but Nightlife and entertainment nairobi renovated to blend in with modern times. A Cafe runs during all opening hours - however the main attraction is their lively nightclub.

There's a dancefloor on bottom level. It is a very good club that offers a wide range of music depending on the type of people that are there and also depending on the event taking place on that particular night. The clientele is vastly varied with locals mixing with tourists and ex-pats from all over the world. There are also lots of beautiful ladies and sweet guys out for fun.

No matter what you are looking for Florida is a fun place to spend the night. The talented resident artistes perform traditional dances and songs taken from the country's 16 various tribal groups, including Arab-influenced Swahili taarab music, Kalenjin warrior dances, Embu drumming and Kikuyu circumcision ceremonies. It's touristy, of course, but it's still a spectacular afternoon out. There are also occasional CD launch parties and stand-up comedy to amuse the wealthy Kenyans, expat teenagers, travellers and NGO workers who frequent it.

Next door is the legendary Carnivore restaurant. Nightlife and entertainment nairobi coffee's good and the selection of teas is impressive, but so far the food just doesn't compete. This lively alfresco pub-restaurant cooks up a variety of traditional African dishes alongside some greasy Western offerings. The atmosphere here is always jumping, with live bands playing anything from Congolese rumba to Kenyan benga while you chow.

One of the real earthy local hangouts is the Nyanza House Club; you'll see posters plastered all over town advertising its reggae parties. A night out here will be as authentic a modern African experience as you can get, but we couldn't in good conscience suggest that unaccompanied women go anywhere near here. A central nightspot with a bit more to offer those who take their music seriously: high-profile local posse the HomeBoyz DJs play on Friday, there's salsa on Sunday and a rare trance night on Wednesday.

It opens earlier than most similar places, and has a happy hour until to suck in premature punters. One of the real earthy local hangouts is the Monte Carlo Club; you'll see posters plastered all over town advertising reggae parties here. A night out will be as authentic a modern African experience as you can get, but we couldn't in good conscience suggest that unaccompanied women go anywhere near here. The Mzizi Arts Centre, a smaller centre in a central office building, is a good place to view contemporary Kenyan art, craft, dance, literature and performance art.

This hip new Moroccan-style lounge bar has been an instant hit with Nairobi's fastidious expat community, and you don't have to spend much time here to become a convert. Shisha pipes, wines and cocktails conspire to ease you into what's bound to end up as a late night. This big dancing den near City Hall Way works to the formula of booze, beats and tight-packed bodies.

All-hours eats are provided by the Water Margin Chinese restaurant. The Hilton's house boozer is a cosy English-style hostelry, but nonguests are subject to a hefty minimum-spend requirement. There's a free yard of ale if you can drink it in under three minutes without stopping, a feat possibly not to be attempted on a full stomach. The first entry in a chain of modern multiplexes springing up around Nairobi, showing new Western films fairly promptly after their international release.

Seats here are pretty steep, but that's still cheaper than the popcorn at a London picture house. Food is served but there's not a burrito in sight - we suspect the Taco Bell Corporation doesn't know they've borrowed the name…. Split between a relaxed ground-level bar and the big, modern basement club, Pavement is the dancefloor of choice for most resident expats.

Weekends favour the kind of jump-up commercial dance music you might get on a night out in Europe. Local theatre troupe the Phoenix Players put on regular performances at this unlikely-sounding venue. Many of the plays are by foreign playwrights but a good proportion are by Kenyans, and new works are well represented.

This very popular after-work bar and restaurant just opposite the Nairobi Cinema has live bands on Thursday and Nightlife and entertainment nairobi and DJs the rest of the week. This Nightlife and entertainment nairobi the major theatre venue in Nairobi. As well as contemporary and classic plays, there are special events such as beauty ants, which are less highbrow but still culturally interesting. The Klub House is an old favourite. The spacious bar has more pool tables than anyone else and is a good place to party until late.

Music is predominantly Latino, Caribbean and African. New Florida is the 'Mad House', a big, rowdy club that's usually crammed with bruisers, cruisers, hookers, hustlers and curious tourists. Entry is usually free before Part of the massive International Casino complex by the National Museum, Toona Tree has live bands on Friday and Saturday, playing jazz, blues and 'classic hits'.

A large, Nightlife and entertainment nairobi but friendly bar stretching the width of the block between Moi Ave and Tom Mboya St, with lashings of cold Tusker and sizzling nyama choma. This split-level green bar-restaurant is one of the better specimens in the River Rd area, with regular DJ nights, but caution is still advised if coming here.

A lively and popular place that pulls in a smart Kenyan and expat crowd. As well as the crisp cold beers, there's a good selection of wines and cocktails. Odeon is one of several local cinemas showing a mix of Indian, South African and Western films. Tickets are very cheap but reels are often scratched. A lively and friendly top-floor bar with pool tables, a dance floor, and cheap beer, so that from Friday to Sunday it rocks until the early hours.

This is probably the most popular bar in Westlands, pulling in Kenyans, expats and prostitutes. It's as close as you'll get to a gay-friendly venue in Kenya. Mombasa has a lot more to offer than just amazing beaches and beautiful weather. Mombasa has many nightclubs on the North Coast in close proximity to major hotels, as well as several on the South Coast.

Many of these hotels even have their own clubs right on premises. Casinos can be found throughout the city and at hotels, and are always popular before a wild night out on weekends, or Nightlife and entertainment nairobi a quiet evening on weekdays. Cinemas and bowling are also popular destinations with both locals and tourists. Perched above the Likoni ferry jetty and matatu stand, the entirely unaptly named Office is a real locals' hangout with regular massive reggae and dub nights shaking the thatched rafters.

This vast seafront complex houses Mombasa's liveliest nightclub, which boasts its own casino, restaurants and even an open-air swimming pool. It's owned by the same people as the infamous Florida clubs in Nairobi and offers much the same atmosphere, clientele and Las Vegas-style floorshows, with the added bonus of outdoor bars, table football and real German Currywurst curry sausage! Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the big party nights.

The 'Be Casual' outside announces in graphic form that drugs, nudity, fighting and weapons are banned, which seems to work as it's perfectly friendly inside. Entry is free for women. Not far from the tusks statue, this is a pretty seedy drinking hole with plastic chairs and lots of prostitutes. Most travellers only come here to play pool. Head down the steps to investigate this popular Kenyan basement bar, rinsing your eardrums with loud lingala music and Nightlife and entertainment nairobi throat with cold beers.

An appealing old movie house that screens Hindi movies regularly usually with English subtitles and Western blockbusters occasionally. Amid the makuti thatch made with palm leaves used for Nightlife and entertainment nairobi buildings and cartoon animals, this loud split-level bar-club pulls in plenty of Westerners, but also a lot of prostitutes - all-male groups will be mobbed mercilessly, especially on the dance floor. Garam Masala Appetizers are originally Indian food but of recent, many Kenyans use it. Therefore, on this site, we will guide you on how to make it easily. The Nubians consist of seven non-Arab Muslim tribes which originated in the Nubia region, an area between Aswan in southern.

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Nightlife and entertainment nairobi

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