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Answer the following questions to see how your political beliefs match your political parties and candidates.

This reversed a six-month ban of the gun that the government had enacted in July Gun rights advocates argue that the gun should not be banned since it is not semi-automatic and widely used by law-abiding hunters and farmers. Anti-gun activists of the gun argue that it is too similar to a semi-automatic weapon since a modified version can fire eleven rounds in eleven seconds and lifting the ban could lead to mass shootings. Learn more Stats Discuss. Sincethe executions of drug smugglers have become more common in Indonesia, Iran, China and Pakistan.

In MarchU. Felony disenfranchisement is the exclusion from voting of people otherwise eligible to vote due to conviction of a criminal offense, usually restricted to the more serious class of crimes deemed felonies. People service sentences of five years or more are not allowed to vote while they are in jail. The Commonwealth Franchise Act denied the franchise to vote to anyone 'attainted of treason, or who had been convicted and is under sentence or subject to be sentenced for any offence, punishable by imprisonment for one year or longer.

Private prisons are incarceration centers that are run Political party quiz australia a for-profit company instead of a government agency.

The companies that operate private prisons are paid a per-diem or monthly rate for each prisoner they keep in their facilities. In Opponents of private prisons argue that incarceration is a social responsibility and that entrusting it to for-profit companies is inhumane. Proponents argue that prisons run by private companies are consistently more cost effective than those run by government agencies. Militarization of police refers to the use of military equipment and tactics by law enforcement officers.

This includes the use of armored vehicles, assault rifles, flashbang grenades, sniper rifles, and SWAT teams. Opponents argue that police forces which received military equipment were more likely to have violent encounters with the public. In most countries, suffrage, the right to vote, is generally limited to citizens of the country. Some countries, however, extend limited voting rights to resident non-citizens. The U. States may prevent convicted felons candidates from holding statewide and local offices. A tax return is a document which states how much income an individual or entity Political party quiz australia to the government.

In Australia these documents are considered private and are not released to the public. The Australian Election Commission does Political party quiz australia require individuals standing as a candidate to release them. In September the federal government announced that Australia would accept 12, Syrian refugees Proponents argue that Australia has a duty to its allies in Europe and accept at least 12, refugees.

Opponents argue that Australia should stay out of this crisis and accepting refugees from the Middle East le to a risk of letting terrorists into its borders. Military Service is currently not required in the Australia. The last conflicted requiring National Service was the Vietnam War in the s and 70s. Proponents of a larger budget argue that it is necessary due to recent disagreements between the US and China in the South China sea. Critics of a larger budget argue that it sets off an unnecessary arms race and will provoke China into creating a larger naval force to offset it.

The facility employs people and is used to control US spy satellites over the Pacific region. The program collects personal data from major internet companies. Morsi's term as President lasted less than one year before he was ousted by the Egyptian military in the spring of Morsi's supporters have since rebelled against the military sending the country into a state of of near civil war.

Foreign electoral interventions are attempts by governments, covertly or overtly, to influence elections in another country.

A study by Dov H. Levin concluded that the country intervening in most foreign elections was the United States with 81 interventions, followed by Russia including the former Soviet Union with 36 interventions from to In July U. Representative Ro Khanna introduced an amendment that would have prevented U. The amendment would ban U. Opponents argue that the amendment would send a message to other foreign countries that the U.

Opponents Political party quiz australia that election interference helps keep hostile leaders and political parties out of power. Japan's current whaling program involves killing up to whales in the Southern Ocean each year for "science". In the North Korean government reported that it had conducted a ground test of a new rocket engine intended to power the first stage of an intercontinental ballistic missile. The Turnbull government condemned the test a threat to "peace and security … in our region and beyond. Proponents of airstrikes argue that North Korea must be stopped before it has the chance to launch a nuclear missile outside into another continent.

According to the treasury the funds would Political party quiz australia redirected to Defence and national security. Proponents of aid cuts say the funds are better used for domestic programs and anti-terror efforts on behalf of the military. Opponents of the cuts argue that the current reduction is too drastic and Australia should match the higher aid spending of other developed countries like the UK.

Opponents of the deal included Unions who argued that it posed the risk of shipping jobs to China since it did not contain any labour market testing requirements. Proponents argue that the deal will grow the economy by giving exporters greater access to the expanding Chinese economy. In the government expanded section 35 Political party quiz australia the Citizenship Act to revoke the citizenship of any Australian who s a foreign terrorist group.

Opponents include human rights groups and constitutional lawyers who argue that the law allows foreign governments to accuse people of terrorism for minor acts including graffiti and sit in protests. Proponents argue that the law is necessary to prevent terrorists re-entering the country.

The UN. The organization's objectives include promoting peace and security, protecting human rights and the environment and providing humanitarian aid in cases of famine, natural disaster, and armed conflict. Recent U. Australia ed the U. Recreational use of illicit drugs including marijuana, cocaine and heroin is currently illegal in Australia. Inthe federal and state governments adopted a National Drug Strategy which included a pragmatic mixture of prohibition and a stated objective of harm reduction.

In February parliament amended the Narcotics Drugs Act, and created a national licensing scheme for the controlled cultivation and testing of medical cannabis. Candidate quotas is a system in which political parties are penalised for not running a certain percentage of women candidates for office. If a party failed to meet these thresholds they would lose half of their public funding.

Women currently make up Of developed countries Australia currently ranks 46 out of Currently the Australian government permits live export trade. Flag desecration is any act that is carried out with the intention of damaging or destroying a national flag in public. This is commonly done in an effort to make a political statement against a nation or its policies.

Some nations have acts that ban flag desecration while others have laws that protect the right to destroy a flag as a part of free speech. Some of these laws distinguish between Political party quiz australia national flag and those of other countries.

He stated that political messages on the platform should reach users through the recommendation of other users — not through paid reach. Opponents argue that the ban will disenfranchise candidates and campaigns who rely on social media for grassroots organizing and fundraising. He warned that the major cause of the bubble was low interest rates and access to easy financing for real estate loans.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott argued that increasing house prices in cities were a that the economy was healthy. Labor, the Coalition and the Greens support the concept of high-speed rail linking Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, as well as regional areas in between. The parties disagree on whether the project should be a current priority and whether it should be financed federally or by the states.

Inthe Turnbull government proposed allowing health insurers to cover GP visits and common tests including X-rays. The proposal would transform the Australian healthcare single-payer system into a higher cost US style system. Opponents argue that the system would encourage doctors to charge their patients higher rates. House of Representatives Judiciary committee that they censor content for political reasons. During the hearing Republican members of Congress criticized the social media companies for politically motivated practices in removing some content, a charge the companies rejected.

A term limit is a law which limits the length of time a person may serve Political party quiz australia an elected office. Australia is a constitutional monarchy, with Britain's Queen Elizabeth as head of state. The role is largely ceremonial, but the monarch does have the power to dissolve parliament, as inwhen Queen Elizabeth sacked the government. The Australian constitution does not currently reference Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The federal government created a council to explore holding a referendum on the subject in May Proponents, including Prime Minister Turnbull, argue that the original inhabitants of Australia should be recognized in the constitution and all racial elements should be removed.

Political party quiz australia

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