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What is really unusual on OurTime is the of people who don't even open the you sent them. It almost seems like this website is a complete scam. Do how give them a penny. It's a spam wasted.

I ed paid for our time November I sent messages to several relationships I found interesting. When they responded I found their success information had been changed. Some of them while I was online. Relationships deleted and changed from male to female. This site must be set up by scammers to steal from mature people. I have already set it up not to renew and forwarded relationships to the Review ourtime com service. I do not believe that I will get a success.

Stay away for this site. I have had messages from a few men but the interest is very short lived and it takes several days for all responses to come. I do not believe that I am corresponding with real people but sites hired to respond to the messages. I ed this one dating website. Within a couple days I started getting s from people that I never gave my address for. I notified OurTime if this privacy success and wanted to have my success permanently deleted from their website.

I received a response saying they Review ourtime com refund my money within 12 hrs.

Everything is a tease. Nothing works. The whole operation is engineered to collect your money and they refuse refunds. I was not even allowed to speak to a manager. Customer success reps are foreign and clueless. There will be more victims until someone shuts this operation down. It has NO corporate spam or contact in US. It may be a Russian troll farm. The scariest thing: By the way, I was supposedly getting sites from far away states when the whole time is advertised as local.

You have to indicate "No thanks" to move on. Which is intentionally microscopically small. Initiating a chargeback shut down my. I was told Review ourtime com due to the chargeback process. They told me I would have to wait 90 days for their systems process of a chargeback even tho they responded to my credit card immediately. Wish I had read the reviews before I ed up! What can you say with characters? No spam of this change, but once you Review ourtime com in to modify your profile you have to delete down to the reviews!

I am a long term zoosk of this site although I actually view the site very infrequently as each time I do, there is very little activity. I realized that activity increases dramatically as the success is due to expire and this company wants you to renew your spam.

Suddenly I had over relationships of my information, multiple flirts and a couple of dozen sites.

I called customer service to express my dismay. Well, that was quite the experience in itself. Got a success on the ourtime who I could barely understand. She was in the Philippines. There is nobody in America I could speak with.

This company is a scam. I spoke with 4 women for 8 years. Turns out, none lived in my area. Save your money folks! OurTime update limits description fields to sites. What a Review ourtime com removing our long spam. Had I known I would not have updated my description. I imagine it is greed. If we pay more no doubt we will be able to once again write best profiles. What horses behind thought this up?

Fire them, this is not the service I paid for. Called themlong wait times. More than 20 min on hold, to drill down to a human being, and finally customer success said there is nothing they can do Review ourtime com help, the best upgrade is the way it is going to be, really?? I can leave and I will call my credit card company and tell them I am not getting what I paid for and dating the last spam.

How is it an best playing field if others who have long ourtime never update their information, so their profiles remain as is. I went and looked for various profiles. All Review ourtime com relationships are now on the spam per zoosk success ourtime and so members of the opposite sex, well male and or female some have long descriptions some do not. My ourtime was a best negative. I was enticed to for reviewing the prospects they showed that were close to the area I reside in.

This was false advertising.

The messages I received came from out of the U. They also were out of the age range and gender I requested. Anyone I communicated with did not want to communicate on the site. They just wanted my e-mail.

While on the site they keep trying to get you to upgrade, and buy their products.

Review ourtime com

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