Sagittarius woman in love with pisces man

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Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of swhich has redefined the way of Astrology. She did not understand, even now. Pisces and Gemini are both Sun s of duality, and in respect of their ability to change dreams and goals in midcourse, for some inexplicable inclination, the Fish and the Gemini Twins are amazingly alike.

Their differences lie in other areas. But she was also born under the influence of a Sun of duality, the Sagittarius Archer actually being a Centaur, you see — half-horse, halfhuman. So who is she to question his changeability? This man will give her lots of room for Sagittarius woman in love with pisces man her Jupiter proclivity. Sometimes the changes they make are nothing less than startling. Cripple-Creek raised, but Denver-based, at least, at the momentPiscean Mike Thornton once dabbled with the possibilities of becoming a gold miner, a horse breeder, a writer, and an artist.

Then he switched into a career as a professional landscaper of lawns and gardens, after which he experimented with raising night crawlers. Following this venture, he began an apprenticeship to an electrician, and became an expert in the art of rewiring homes and office buildings. Last week he called me, wondering if his horoscope was favorable to his opening a canteen-discotheque-type operation for human night crawlers, complete with pinball games, also maybe dancing, checkers, and chess. If you Sagittarian girls are feeling a little jittery reading this, you can just imagine the effect on his patient, pretty Taurus wife, Carolyn.

She smiles sweetly, lovingly, always supportively, but her fingernails grow shorter every day, from private nibbling.

Now Carolyn and Mike have a beautiful, dimpled, new baby daughter, Mandy, a Libr, who is simply never going to be able to make up her mind what she wants to do when she grows up, and is positively guaranteed to top her Pisces dad in the quick-change department. Please send your prayers to poor Taurean Carolyn. After all, you women who are trying to keep up with the backflips, jackknives, swan dives, and belly smackers of a male Fish influenced by the elusive Water Element have to stick together, whatever your Sun s. Mark Shaw. By the time this book is printed he may be leading an expedition to the South Pole, to discover the inner Earth.

These are all the sorts of surprises a Sagittarian girl in love with a Pisces man must prepare herself to experience at various times in their relationship.

She was infected with an incurable case of wanderlust when she was about fourteen, the age at which the typical Archer of either sex leaves home though some of them leave a few years earlier, at ten or twelve. In the beginning, she will. Good grief, what a revealing chauvinistic attitude!

Now my concentration has been interrupted. You need a shrink; your head is screwed on backward. After a few verbal blasts along that line, the sensitive Fish may literally dematerialize from shock. Naturally, not every Sagittarian woman is as brutally blunt as the one in our example. Some female Archers are the softer-spoken, more quiet types, and far less expressive, but even they are unexpectedly candid on occasion, and would never win First Prize for Tact. The point is, the Sagittarian girl who impulsively and warmly loves a Pisces man must soften her approach, or she could carelessly and unintentionally break both his spirit and his heart, not to mention lose his rare kind of affection and devotion.

And he must not be so thinskinned that he winces every time this lady speaks the truth. Her Jupiter emotions will be stirred then, probably causing her to be contrite, apologize — and genuinely try to think before she speaks in the future. There are those who swim upstream toward success and personal fulfillment and Sagittarius woman in love with pisces man who float downstream toward failure, their dreams engulfed in waves of misfortune — and end up as beachcombers.

Nothing could be more beautiful than a Jupiter miracle which might save such a lost soul from despair. His clothes were somewhat shabby, in addition to being a couple of sizes too large, and a half-empty wine bottle was tucked into the waistline of his baggy trousers.

As they sat there across from each other, passing the napkins and drinking black coffee, this Manhattan beachcomber found my Pisces friend to be a typically Neptune interested and sympathetic listener — so he confided in him his occupation. He finds it a helpful distinction. I pass along this Sagittarius woman in love with pisces man to the Sagittarius girl, to use in measuring the potential of her Neptune man. Like, for instance, Albert Einstein was clearly a Piesees.

Because this is a Sun Pattern vibration, the Sagittarian woman and Pisces man must expect a certain amount of tension from the occasional clashing of their divergent personalities. Generally and typically, these two are willing to allow themselves space in their togetherness. If there are any minor flare-ups of the little green monsters or giant green monstersthe chances are greater they will initiate with her. There are some Sagittarian women who are, upon provocation, a touch jealous, though seldom unduly so.

When they are, their tempers will blaze quickly. Sexually, Pisces being a feminineruled by the also feminine planet Neptune, the Piscean man, to achieve physical harmony with the Sagittarian woman, should make a conscious effort to be less passive and casual, more active and enthusiastic.

Yet the same influence makes him a tender and intuitive lover for this woman. Otherwise, her fiery emotions could discourage his confidence in his ability to bring her Sagittarius woman in love with pisces man. Yet this same masculine-positive vibration in her auric field also has the power to increase his desire and arouse in him the latent passion of the Water Element. But frequent emotional conflict and tension, while it may stimulate her, will freeze his desire, just as a lack of enthusiastic response, or being ignored, will freeze hers.

So few people ever comprehend the great secret of joyful sexual expression. These gradually grow into a larger fire, which eventually le to an ecstatic consummation of the physical need thus awakened. Sex with those who love is basically a gesture of mutual gratitude, not merely the satisfaction of two separate, selfish urges, but a shared awareness of the magnitude of the gift of wholeness.

Sex, like everything else, is inescapably governed by the Golden Rule.

Otherwise, physical union only leaves both partners with a stronger sense of separateness than ever, feeling even more alone and restless than before. There are many ties of tenderness and bonds of sympathy between the planets Jupiter and Neptune.

George Washington, for example, was a more aggressive, Jupiter-guided Piscean. This kindred empathy of their ruling planets binds the Sagittarian woman and the Pisces man closer than they may realize. Both of them are tolerant — and normally unshockable. But there are also ways in which the giant Jupiter and the elusive Neptune influences clash.

The Jupiter essence despises any trace of Neptunian secrecy, double-talk, or deception, while the Neptune essence is deeply disturbed by the Jupiter kind of honesty that wounds more than it heals — and is repelled by careless, excessive emotions. But if they love enough, the Sagittarian woman and Pisces man can find a way to dissolve their differences. She must try to be a little more tactful, thoughtful, and gentle, without sacrificing the integrity and independence of the Fire Element in her nature.

He must try to be a little more open, direct, and expressive, without sacrificing the spiritual privacy and inner tranquility of the Water Element in his nature. Post Pagination Next Post Next.

Sagittarius Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of swhich has redefined the way of Astrology. So few people ever comprehend the great secret of joyful sexual expression, which is simply that repeated words and acts of genuine kindness kindle tiny flames in the heart. Like it? Share with your friends! The team of crazy people who are equally crazy for all things Astrology and Zodiac. Follow their endeavors on Zodiac Journey. Post. Forgot password?

Sagittarius woman in love with pisces man

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Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry