Silver dollar key dates

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Like all coin series, each features certain coins—often referred to as key dates—that are worth substantially more than the others in their series. But an important distinction must be made, especially for series that include a large of coins like the Morgan and American Silver Eagle coins. And for older coins like Morgan dollars, estimates of surviving populations, demand, and the of certified examples generally determine what are the series keys.

There are also what are known as condition rarities, such as the S Morgan dollarthat are rare mainly in the top grades but not necessarily in lower grades. Certain Silver Eagles in MS70 would be other good examples. The two main keys to the Morgan series are the CCone of the lowest mintage issues struck at the Carson City Mintand the Sthe lowest overall mintage of the series.

PCGS estimates that only about 25, of the original mintage ofof this issue still exist, with only seven coins that grade MS65 or higher. Of an original mintage of , just under 10, are estimated to still exist in all grades. Based on their original mintages, the two main key dates in the Peace Silver dollar key dates series are the and coins.

But most experts on the series also include the coin, which, though not as low in mintage as the two, is a coin that is always in demand and is a must-have for every collector of the series as the one and only high-relief silver dollar. The lowest mintage coin of the series at , the is hard to find in nice Uncirculated condition — especially without toning.

The main series key is S, which, despite an original mintage of 1, coins, has fewer examples in Mint State grades than any other issue. Though issued for 34 years so far, there are today 97 different Silver Eagles in a complete set when including all Mint State and Proof coins in each of the finishes in which this popular coin has been issued Mint State bullion, Burnished, Silver dollar key dates, Reverse Proof, Enhanced Reverse Proof, and Enhanced Uncirculated.

There are about a dozen issues that are worth more than most of the others, including some issued only in special sets, the first year of issue in Mint State, Proof, and others. But there are six major key date Silver Eagles with mintages below , which include:.

These Silver Eagles, especially the first four with mintages of 30, to 75, are likely to remain the series keys.

Silver dollar key dates

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