Swedish lady names

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Add to that the very stereotypical image of Swedish women being blonde, blue-eyed, strong and independent, and you can see why Swedish names for girls are having a resurgence in popularity. So what are the most popular names right now? Some Swedish names originate from ancient Norse sagas, some from more recent traditions, while others derive from nature or religious cultures.

Often different sources suggest different derivations, and sometimes the origins have evolved or got lost over the years, leading to some names having several different meanings. And if you want to know how to pronounce some of these names in the truly authentic Swedish way, check out this video:.

Top of the rankings, Swedish lady names is currently the one name for newborn girls in Sweden, and has long been a popular choice. A truly Scandinavian name, Maja is a very popular name for girls in Sweden. Non-Swedes may associate the name more with the mellow tones of Brazilian Bossa Nova singer Astrid Gilberto, whose soulful rendition of the classic Girl from Ipanema is known the world over. A good choice for those wanting to bring their daughter up strong and brave.

Freja also sometimes spelt Freya or Frida was the Norse Goddess of love, beauty and fertility, who is depicted as a blonde blue-eyed beauty in traditional Norse lore. It ifies peace and fertility. The name is Hebrew in origin and, of course, is a variation of Eve, the first mother. Swedes often combine it with a second name, as in Eva-Lisa or Eva-Karin. Famous Swedish Kristinas include the Queen of Sweden, who reigned from until when she abdicated to become a Catholic.

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Swedish lady names

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