Sweeping your feet superstition

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Someone sweeping over your feet just got dangerous—not only is it unpleasant, but it also brings you bad luck. To me, the act of sweeping itself symbolizes getting rid of the negative and is therefore not something you should bring to another person.

However, the origins of this superstition can actually be traced back to the broom lore. Historically, brooms have been associated with magic and power.

In some cultures, the broom can be used for protection and warding off bad spirits. In other cultures, it embodies black magic and witchcraft.

Clearly, human civilizations overflow with occult stories around the broom and its different uses. However, I grew up knowing only one—that someone sweeping over your feet will bring you bad luck. Now that I do more reading around this superstition, I see that the bad luck translates to never getting married.

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Sweeping your feet superstition

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