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Welcome to French sex libertine style in the age of coronavirus. L ast September the French government finally let swinger clubs re-open their doors so long as they followed strict COVID protocol, like having hand sanitizer available near gang-bang rooms and mandating masks and only that! Long-time libertine and new buddy of mineAlexandre, ventured on over to one of the clubs here in Lyon during this brief moment of freedom before a second then third confinement shut all fun things back down for an eternity.

Several people I know who frequent French sex clubs have been the same way. Nightclubs, on the other hand, had been closed for 15 months and counting until July 9. In fact, one nightclub owner said he was going to buy some couches and beds and call himself a libertine club so he could finally get back to work.

Sweet wives want real sex France

But sex clubs? I myself have been dying to check out a libertine club since moving to France a few years ago. And then the unthinkable happened: I started dating someone worthy of time and love. Oh and there was a global pandemic too! Since March 17,France has had three draconian lockdowns enforced by permission slips and police checks. Other than that and one hour of exercise a day within Sweet wives want real sex France one-kilometer radius, we were quite literally locked inside by the police.

Unfortunately, sex was not on the list of essentials, so anyone confined without a partner or sex friend was theoretically cock-blocked by President Macron for months. Besides a brief reprieve last summer and early fall, all the sex clubs, bars, restaurants, and basically anything worth leaving home for have been closed since March of My buddy, Remi, spent over a year at home, mostly alone. During the first lockdown he ed Tinder to flirt with women and have occasional sex via WiFi.

My friend Natasha is like me, an expat in her early forties living her best sexual life. Once lockdown lifted last summer, she was off to swinger parties in Paris with her sex friend and planned a tour around southern France staying with libertine couples they met online who had nice profiles but even nicer pools. Most of the libertines in her circle stuck to cyber-gang bangs during the first lockdown, but by the second and third were just over it. Natasha, by the way, has never once been stopped by the cops. Four times. While jogging or getting groceries. Now that the vaccines are here and life is opening back up, not all the libertines I know are rushing back to the clubs.

They failed to read the program before showing up. Gang Bang Night. Much better stats. A free night of hot tubs, a buffet, drinks, and girl talk, all in a place where men leave you alone unless you explicitly show interest? Hell yeah. Take me there, queen! She explains the ridiculous mask rules, then gives us each a towel big enough to cover tops or bottoms but not both, a see through pink scarf, two Sweet wives want real sex France drink tickets, and anklets, which hold a key to our ased locker and a little pocket with a mask tucked into it.

Hot air hits our faces as we open the ginormous wooden doors and enter what I can only describe as a 9, square foot Kamasutra dungeon museum of amazingness. I mean, this place is just incredible. Apparently the owners imported tons of statues, masks, walls, and doors made of marble or wood, all the way from India.

Sweet wives want real sex France

First things first, though—gotta take off these here clothes! We find our ased lockers, strip down entirely except masks! Yes, there is a gym in the locker room. Not an elliptical machine or any cardio. Lucky us, we arrive just in time for the buffet!

Sweet wives want real sex France

My expat friend, Natasha, always bragged about these sex club spre, but I can finally concur. Shit looks delishhh. Camille is French, though, meaning her food standards are far higher than ours. She drinks water while I scarf down a plate of mysterious French cuisine with far too much egg and cheese but fuck it, yummm. Honestly, the decor is the only shocking thing about this place. The rest is to be expected.

Red velvet couches and throne type chairs. A stripper pole in the middle of it all. Three stories of rooms, dozens of them in varying size, with beds, condoms, gel, and stuff to wipe clean the filthy mattresses. Most are actually pretty boring or surprisingly small, but some have things like a swing, handcuffs, windows to watch or be watched, and oversized glory holes minus Sweet wives want real sex France duct tape.

Luckily the kind janitor in jeans and a mask walks around with a broom and a flashlight, which helps us find our way. After a couple hours of girl talk and sight-seeing, we decide to bail. Life's funny like that. I finally got to go to a libertine club I guess being locked in a tiny flat 23 hours a day for months with that man worth my time was a totally new kind of adventure for me. And I want you to always be the curious free spirit I fell in love with.

We might experiment with libertine stuff down the road; we might not. The important thing is we talk about it. Like everything. We did decide long ago that we wanted go to a sex club together at some point. A goddamn nightclub.

Sweet wives want real sex France

Fuck those places. Sex clubs are safer all around. Crossword Newsletters. TECH Disinformation. Melanie Hamlett. Updated Jul. Just a mask! Until now that is. So stressful!

Sweet wives want real sex France Sweet wives want real sex France

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Cock-Blocked by Macron, French Return to Sex Clubs—Balls, Brie, and Masks