Thai relationship culture

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The requirements we ask you to fulfill have been set Thai relationship culture your best interests at heart. We do feel that one "rule" needs further explanation and thus, we are including this article to that end. Specifically, we wish to discuss the requirement that states, "Refrain from any romantic relationship with locals within the first two years. We DO believe that God often creates mixed-culture marriages and we celebrate these. However, the bottom line, in our opinion, is that most newcomers arriving from the West cannot understand the implications of marrying a Thai national. It also is for others who may have lived in Thailand for several years already and who are now interested in pursuing a relationship with a Thai of the opposite sex.

There are so many things to learn and absorb. It is also a time for developing and deepening our understanding of God's call on our lives as it relates to Thailand. We must recognize that ANY romantic relationship even in our own culture will naturally take up an incredible amount of emotional time and energy.

The way that men and women relate, communicate and understand that communication, and the hidden messages in body language are extremely different than in the West. As well, unwritten or un-communicated, but very much assumed expectations from a Thai perspective are greatly different than the West.

Some of these things Thai relationship culture be learned from books but most of them can only be learned from being here for an extended period of time.

Thai relationship culture

Not that they wouldn't do it, but a lot of unnecessary stress and relationship challenges would have been avoided if there had been a better understanding on their part when they started the relationship. And, this is not an exhaustive list of differences. Thai relationship culture are many other cultural differences as well. These are just a few that a new missionary should be aware of. As Westerners, we may think that our biggest cultural struggle will be the language.

Thai relationship culture

But actually, the spoken language is a lot easier to understand and learn than some of these other differences. There are some other things to consider before becoming romantically involved with a Thai, such as, what are your long-term plans?

Thai relationship culture

Are you thinking of staying here from now on or is there a good Thai relationship culture that you might end up returning to your home country in a couple of years? This is something that would need to be seriously considered and discussed before a relationship goes very far.

It is a major issue for a Thai person to consider moving to a new country where they know no one, don't eat the food, etc. It is important that the Thai person think through the implications of such a move on their own life and on their relationships with their family, etc. On the other hand, many Thais are looking for a Western spouse specifically so they can move to a Western country.

This makes them extremely prone to the temptation of pursuing a romantic relationship with a Westerner for the wrong reasons. A Westerner in Thailand is in a similar vulnerable position. Do they Thai relationship culture what your ministry vision is?

What is their commitment to their current ministry or church? One of the difficulties with an issue like this is that it can seem to some like a "control" thing. Actually, no one has the right to tell you whom you can or cannot marry. There are times when a girl will let go of her vision to follow her husband or future husband. We cannot judge if that is right or wrong. However, it is extremely important, before two people pursue a deep relationship, that both people know what God's calling on each of their lives is and how this relationship might affect that calling.

The reality is that once our emotions get involved, it can be a lot more difficult to clearly and objectively hear from God about anything that doesn't directly involve the other person.

Thai relationship culture

The relationship rules we have are not just to help you get married in a culturally appropriate way in Thailand. They are to protect both the new missionaries that are coming Thai relationship culture the local Thais. This rule was put into our policies because of a of very, very difficult situations where Western men arrived here and fell in love with a Thai girl immediately. Most of these challenges if not all came from the fact that both parties became attracted to one another and then naturally proceeded on with the relationship in the same way they would have proceeded in a relationship with someone of their own culture, in their own country.

However, they didn't realize at the time that they didn't have a clue about where the other person was coming from in regards to their ways of relating, outlook on life, and ways of communicating, etc. Finally, one of the Thai relationship culture challenges that most new missionaries will experience in the first couple of years is a sense of loneliness. You are away from all your close relationships, your family, your support system, etc. At times like this, it is extremely easy to subconsciously meet that need by getting involved in a romantic relationship.

Thai relationship culture

We realize that two years can seem like an eternity, Thai relationship culture if you have to wait that long for something. However, that has to do with perspective as well. Please know that more than anything else, we want God's perfect will to be fully accomplished in your life, and His kingdom to be established in Thailand just as it is in Heaven. Relationships with Thai Nationals. There are primarily two reasons for the general dating rule. Spending time alone with a girl, whether at her work place, a restaurant, or just about anywhere, says to her very clearly that you are romantically interested in her.

Buying or bringing any type of gift to a girl also communicates romantic interest. It is basically the final step before setting a date for the wedding ceremony. A Western guy giving an unmarried Thai girl a ride on a Thai relationship culture will make most people who see this assume that she's doing what certain other Thai girls do with Western guys. A generous dowry is expected to be paid by the guy to the girl's parents.

To refuse or balk at giving a dowry would be roughly the same as telling the parents that their daughter doesn't have any value.

Thai relationship culture

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