Things to do before you re married

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Have an epic fight. You read that right. This may seem counterproductive to building a long-lasting future with your ificant other, but fighting—and, more importantly, how you do it—is essential. However, large fights are indicators on whether your S.

Learn how to have difficult and awkward conversations. No one enjoys uneasy conversations that leave you feeling nervous and embarrassed. Struggle through hard times together. Fresh relationships are full of sunshine and laughter, but true, long-lasting relationships are those who can handle when their partner is experiencing a low point in their life. This could mean the loss of a job or even the loss of a loved one. Live with them long enough to discover their annoying habits. Discuss and handle money.

Money is a leading cause of marriage failure. Divide up the chores. There are no tasks that are for men or women specifically. Everyone eats so everyone can cook; everyone lives in the house so everyone can clean it. Share intimate secrets and keep them. Your spouse should be your absolute best friend who you can run to with any problem.

Although there are secrets some of us will never divulge, being able to share with them in confidence is a that you truly trust them. One of you may be a religious church-goer and the other an atheist with science-based beliefs. One may be an outspoken Democrat while the other is a die-hard Republican. One may believe in upholding the law while the other thinks laws were made to be broken.

Talk about the future in depth. Does he want kids? Do you?

Be apart for a long period of time. Some say distance makes the heart grow fonder and while this can be true, it also presents unique challenges to a relationship. Plan a trip together. Planning a trip will always be stressful. Believe it or not, the actual trip itself can put more stress on the relationship than figuring out a budget and booking your hotel room. Define what cheating is in a relationship.

Many couples have different ideas on what cheating means to them. Share what you need from your partner. Different personalities mean different needs. Get to know their past.

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Things to do before you re married

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Don’t Go Into Marriage If You Haven’t Done These Things