U th dating of deep sea corals

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It is possible to obtain high precision ages on modern pristine corals that have low [ Th] 5 to a few hundred ppt. Therefore, the key hurdle for precise U-Th dating is to remove or for contaminants which contain elevated Th and associated Th not due to closed system decay within the coral lattice.

A modification of the trace metal cleaning methods used for foraminifera and surface corals can ificantly reduce this contamination. By counting the visible growth bands and measuring the mean age of a single septum, the extension rate of D. In a mean sense, bands appear to be precipitated annually, but this estimate has a large uncertainty.

If appropriate tracer calibrations can be established, these corals are therefore suitable to record decadal or sub-decadal oceanographic changes over the course of their lifetime. View PDF. Access through your institution Purchase PDF. Lawrence Edwards 1 Edward A.

Boyle c.

Add to Mendeley Share. Abstract Th, Th, U and U compositions of several deep-sea solitary corals, mainly the species Desmophyllum cristagalliwere determined by thermal ionization mass spectrometry TIMS.

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U th dating of deep sea corals

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U-Th dating of deep-sea corals