What other couples do film wikipedia

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What Other Couples Do is an examination of several coups we can probably identify with on one level or another, which lets us examine our own marital life. It does make one think about your own relationship. Managing it does requires work which we often neglect. Four couples come together for a dinner at their wealthy friends' home and daringly decide to play "Seven Minutes in Heaven," risking ripping their relationships a part. Most the action, in "What Other Couples Do", takes place at this single location, but director and writer Courtney Daniels keeps the action going with witty dialogue and compelling characters.

Daniels brings out the comedy in the relationships between men and women without losing the emotional honesty. It's the kind of movie that makes you think and want to chat about it afterward because some how it manages to be about every relationship. This indie film is well worth watching. JefferysNovember 2, This was an ultimately satisfying film for me, meaning I liked the way it wrapped up, and I came away not regretting the time I spent watching it.

If you are looking for steamy adulterous escapades, you will be disappointed. What other couples do film wikipedia only really passionate scene here is short, and they keep their clothes on. Rather, this is an examination of people we can probably identify with on one level or another, which lets us examine ourselves a bit. The characters are somewhat self indulgent and whiney, which at first started to turn me off.

What other couples do film wikipedia

The fact that they are connected to the entertainment business in L. The writing sometimes crosses into that naive area where being blunt and crude is mistaken for hip and sophisticated, and it occasionally tries to be a bit too clever.

But the script is usually smart and lets the actors flesh out their parts well. The cast is appealing enough and is believable.

What other couples do film wikipedia

As a guy I found all the women appealing. A couple of the men seemed a little geeky to me, and I wondered if women would really find them attractive, with their unmanly physiques and self-centered whining. My old-fashioned morality was pleased with the way things came together, even if the premise started off a bit sophomoric and troubling.

In the end, the characters came to grips with their foibles and chose to find value in their relationships and recommit to them. Vincenzo CAugust 15, An interesting movie with modern current dialogue from the wives in this story.

What other couples do film wikipedia

Theres a certain level of d isatifaction and curiosity in these women which causes them to propose a situation which could lead to some serious marital issues. Each wife or girl friend will spend 7 minutes in a closet with a male other than their husband.

There are no rules and its no holds barred, at least in theory. The interesting dichotomy seems to be with the one wife you would not expected things tongo too far.

What other couples do film wikipedia

Those who you thought for sure would cheat if given the chance will surprise you. Its adult fun and adult language. Its definitely worth a watch. Moacira SobrinhoMay 1, Interesting for couples to realise that the grass looks greener on the other side, but it does not necessarely holds to be thru. Damion I. SpahrFebruary 24, In this case, a generation of dysfunctional thirty-somethings and their intimate relationships.

What other couples do film wikipedia

I found this film to not only stir my emotions about my self, but about those around me. I would imagine that each of us could find a moment when we would completely identify with one of the main characters. Don't be surprised when you re-think your own actions in a relationship, or find yourself asking The dialog was fantastic and memorable HeatherJanuary 25, This movie has heart and collects through several relationships, the struggles of love. Relatable and enjoyable. This is a hidden gem that should be watched by all!!! KatJanuary 2, I love this movie.

I read the reviews and likely people are offended by the "7 minutes of heaven" of these friends. I think it's a candid look at the questions, concerns and thoughts all couples go through. They did a great job of representing the phases of relationships. Yes, you have to look outside the box and not get caught up in the details of how these couples opened up their lines of communication.

They pushed boundaries of relationships, but they did it with consent, and respect. I think it's a highly underrated movie that I am keeping on my list so I can go back and watch it again and take another look. David FegerNovember 24, I thought it was an interesting movie about married people going through what many married people do.

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What other couples do film wikipedia

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What other couples do film wikipedia

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